Video: Setting up a Customizations Plugin

How to Make Customizations to Your Membership Site

Many of our articles and code recipes include instructions on how to “customize and add this code to a plugin for customizations”. In addition, our support team may provide you with customizations to add to your site via this method. This tutorial explains two methods for adding custom code to adjust your membership site functionality: (more…)

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How to add courses to your PMPro membership site.

How to Manage Courses with Paid Memberships Pro

In the last couple of years, course-based membership sites have really increased in popularity. Adding a course to your membership site can help increase leads, convert website visitors to members, and increase your revenue. This article and video demo will teach you our recommended method to use a Learning Management System (LMS) plugin and start (more…)

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Webinar Banner for Pricing Your Membership Levels

How to Set Up Your Membership Level Pricing

This guide covers some of the most common pricing models for membership sites and how to configure level pricing for your site. It’s a useful guide if you’re just getting started with Paid Memberships Pro and would like to learn the different ways you can potentially charge members.

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