Add On Updates for July 2017

This post recaps the Paid Memberships Pro Add Ons recently updated. PMPro Plus members can upgrade through their WordPress dashboard under Dashboard > Updates or Memberships > Add Ons. Be sure to backup your site before performing updates.

Approval Process for Membership Add On

The Approvals Add On grants membership site administrators the ability to approve or deny members.

v1.0.2 of the Add On now shows a count of pending approvals in the menu row. This provides admins with an alert that there are members pending approval. Additionally, if you set a level to require another level’s approval, that level will automatically be set to require approval as well.

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bbPress Add On

Using this Add On, you can create members-only forum in bbPress. The recent updates to this add on fixed fatal error when bbPress was not activated. We’ve also added a session variable when redirecting members away from protected forums. The referring page is now saved in $_SESSION['pmpro_bbp_redirected_from'] so that you can reference this in custom code.

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Kissmetrics Add On

Integrates Kissmetrics with your WordPress site, allowing you to track meaningful data not only about users, but about how they are interacting with the Memberships sections of your website.

v.3.1 of the Kissmetrics integration adds support for localization as well as the filter pmprokm_is_trial to determine if the level is a trial or not (useful for deeper analysis of member interactions within the Kissmetrics reports).

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Lock Membership Level

Adds the ability for the admin or membership manager to lock a user’s membership level or lock all members of a level for a specified term (for required installments).

Recent updates to this add on include:

  • BUG FIX: Incorrect text domain for translation
  • BUG FIX: Partially complete default values for level settings
  • BUG FIX: Locked members were able to unlock their profile through the Edit Profile page.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed other bugs with the settings on the edit membership level page. (Thanks, Ted Barnett)
  • SECURITY: Added sanitization of settings on the edit level and edit user/profile pages.

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Membership Manager Role Add On

This Add On creates a new user role in your WordPress site. The role of “Membership Manager” allows them to manage your Paid Memberships Pro settings, without complete administrator access.

We’ve added support for the Approval Process for Membership Add On so that this role can process approvals. The role is also now loaded on admin_init instead of activation so capabilities are updated when the plugin updates.

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Nav Menus

This Add On creates member navigation menus and swaps your theme’s menu areas or menus placed via widget based on a user’s Membership Level.

The Add On was recently updated to include a conditional menu state for a logged-in user with no membership level. You can now use this condition in both the Appearance > Menus > Menu Locations or via the Appearance > Widgets > Custom Menu widget.

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Pay by Check Add On

This Add On provides a collection of customizations useful when allowing users to pay by check for Paid Memberships Pro levels.

It was recently updated to fix an issue where the PayPal button was still displaying when the “check” option was chosen. We’ve also enhanced the Add On by showing a better non-member-text notice when pending members try to access content. The new message will read:

Your payment is currently pending. You will gain access to this page once it is approved.

The message can be filtered using the gettext filter in WordPress.

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Register Helper: Add Checkout and Profile Fields

Register Helper is a robust add on to collect additional fields at membership signup. Fields can be collected at membership checkout, on the user’s profile or for administrative view-only.

Recent updates to this add on include:

  • BUG FIX: Incorrect function definition (static vs non-static).
  • BUG FIX: Didn’t save RH fields from pmpro-add-member-admin
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated Readme, including instructions.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added logic to only load CSS and JS on the checkout and profile pages on the frontend and profile and edit user pages in the dashboard.

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Shipping Address on Membership Checkout

The Shipping Address Add On adds fields to the membership checkout page, confirmation page, confirmation emails, member’s list and edit user profile pages to capture a separate “Shipping Address” for members.

The plugin was recently updated to repair warnings related to the use of the deprecated get_usermeta function as well as issues around the display of fields when “same as billing” was selected. We’ve also added a new pmproship_required_shipping_fields filter for developers.

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VAT Tax Add On

Our VAT Tax Add On calculates VAT tax at checkout based on the customer’s selected EU country of residence and allows customers with a VAT Number to avoid the tax. The entered VAT number is validated using the SOAP service provided through the European Commission.

We’ve recently added GeoIP support to this add on to automatically detect the user’s country. You must install and activate the GeoIP Detect plugin in order to take advantage of this integration. The current release now converts GB to UK when validating VAT numbers, since GB is the expected value for validation in the VAT service. The AJAX code has also been updated to avoid issues on sites with PHP warnings/etc.

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Approve or Exclude Members with the Approvals Add On: Live Stream Demo this Thursday

I’m happy to announce that the wait is (almost) over—on July 6 we will be releasing the new Approvals Add On. And to kick off the launch, Jason will demo the add on via live stream at 1pm EDT.

With this Add On you will be able to set up a unique approval or application process for your membership site. It’s a necessary feature for many membership sites that want to control who can gain access to your community or restricted content.

Live Demo Streaming

Jason will be streaming a live demo at 1pm EDT on Thursday June 6. The Approvals Add On will be available for immediate download to PMPro Plus level members following the demo.

View the Live Stream at 1pm EDT

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with more details of the Live Streaming Event.

How the Approvals Add On Works

The Approvals Add On for Paid Memberships Pro allows you to set up a unique approval or application process for your membership site. After a member signs up, the Admin or Membership Manager will have the ability to approve their membership or deny the application.

Allow Members to select Country and State via dropdown at Membership Checkout [New Plus Add on]

Simplify sign up and improve data quality by adding a Country and State dropdown selection field to your Checkout Page with the State Dropdown Add on.

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How it Works

When the plugin is activated, two dropdown selection fields “Country” and “State” will be automatically added to your checkout form in the Billing Address section. When a user selects a Country, they will then be able to select the appropriate State of the Country that was selected.


When a member selects the Country of their choice, they will be able to select the appropriate States that is relevant to the chosen Country.

United States dropdown selection
United Kingdom dropdown selection

PMPro Plus members can install the add on from the Memberships > Add Ons admin page or download the plugin and manually upload to your WordPress site.

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Email Marketing Integrations for Paid Memberships Pro

Below is a list of the third-party email marketing integrations available for Paid Memberships Pro.

Third-Party Email Marketing Platforms

Sign Up for AWeber

AWeber Integration

Integrate User Registrations with AWeber. Adds members to lists based on their membership level.

Sign Up for Constant Contact

Constant Contact Integration

Integrate User Registrations with Constant Contact. Adds members to lists based on their membership level.


ConvertKit Integration

Integrate your ConvertKit tags with Paid Memberships Pro membership levels. This Add On is provided and supported by ConvertKit.

Sign Up for GetResponse

GetResponse Integration

Add users to GetResponse campaigns, with or without Paid Memberships Pro.

Sign Up for MailChimp

MailChimp Integration

Integrate User Registrations with MailChimp. Adds members to lists based on their membership level and includes level ID and name as merge fields.

On-Site User Email Systems

Email Users Integration

Easily kick off an email to your WordPress site users directly in the WordPress admin. You can segment users by a few criteria, including their Paid Memberships Pro “Membership Level”. The Paid Memberships Pro integration is built in to the core plugin.

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MailPoet Integration

Adds a checkbox on checkout page for your customers to subscribe to your MailPoet newsletters. This Add On is provided and supported by MailPoet.

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Allow Members to Select Auto-Renewal via Checkbox on Membership Checkout [New PMPro Plus Add On]

Offer flexible membership options without having to create duplicate levels or use custom code. Our new Auto-Renewal Checkbox add on allows members to select whether they would like a fixed term or recurring subscription membership.

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How it Works

The add on adds a new setting on the Membership Levels > Edit page allowing the admin to turn on or off the “auto-renewal” setting. The admin can define whether the level offers an auto-renewal option, and can specify if the default behavior is automatic renewal or fixed term.

For example, if your level has an initial payment of $10 and a recurring subscription of $10 per month, the member can select to simply purchase the level for $10 for a single month or to purchase the monthly subscription.


Member can optionally select auto-renewal at checkout.
Member can optionally select auto-renewal at checkout.

Set the option on the level under Memberships > Membership Levels > Edit
Set the option on the level under Memberships > Membership Levels > Edit

PMPro Plus members can install the add on from the Memberships > Add Ons admin page or download the plugin and manually upload to your WordPress site.

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Easily Install and Update Paid Memberships Pro Add Ons In Your WordPress Admin

The Memberships → Add Ons page in Paid Memberships Pro looks and functions just like the standard plugins page in WordPress.

If you have a PMPro Plus membership license validated in your WordPress admin under Settings → PMPro License, you can install and update any PMPro add on in one step (non-licensed sites can only install free add ons).

This page requires a Plus Account or higher.

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Adding New Members or Updating Existing Members as Administrator or Membership Manager Role

If you need to add a new member and process their payment information, or update an existing member’s paid subscription here are a few methods you can use as admin or membership manager.

This article covers three methods of adding or updating a member:

If you need to bulk add or update members, please refer to the Import Users from CSV Add On documentation.

Video Demo

Use Your Site Like a Member Would

One of the easiest ways to add a new member is to simply log out of your administrator or membership manager account and “checkout” like any other member would. To do this, navigate through your membership levels > membership checkout process and complete the form as you would for the new member to be created. Until the Add Member Admin Add On is developed further, this is the only way to add a new member if you need to process credit card or PayPal payment.

If the member already exists and you are updating their membership, you can use the User Switching plugin by John Blackbourn to use that member’s account without needing their private password information. After installing the plugin, locate the member in your Users list, then click the “Switch To” link. You’re now navigating the site as the user would and can proceed with selecting a membership level, completing membership checkout, or canceling membership.

Edit an Existing User in WordPress Admin

If processing membership payment is not required, you can manually add or update a user’s membership directly via Users > Add New or Users > Edit User. Just navigate to your WordPress admin and locate the member to update. On the Edit User screen, there is a section pictured below.


You can modify the Membership Level (change level or set to none), Expiration Date, optionally “Send the user an email about this change” and optionally “Cancel this user’s subscription at the gateway”.

Click the “Update Profile” button to save the changes.

To attach an order to the user, locate the user in the Memberships > Members List and click the +order link under their username. If you know the user ID, you can also add the order via the Memberships > Orders > Add New Order admin page.

Use the New Add Member Admin Add On

This new add on (currently in Beta as we continue development) allows the admin or membership manager to create the user, the membership settings, and the order in one step.

When the plugin is activated, you will see a new “Add Member” page under “Memberships” in your WordPress admin.


The form includes the fields for:

  • user account (email address, password – entered or random, first name, last name, role)
  • membership level
  • expiration
  • payment (only cash or check; we’re currently developing the admin credit card processing component)
  • order total
  • order notes
  • * existing filters in place for adding additional fields to the user registration will also appear here.

Once you submit the form, the user account will be active and appear in the members list with the membership settings you entered. An order under Memberships > Orders will be created for the membership “checkout”. If you need to make updates to the corresponding order (i.e. if they pay you via check offline and you want to record receipt), locate it in the Memberships > Orders list. Note that no confirmation email will be sent to the user when you use this method.

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Video Demo

New Report Add On – Better Login, View and Visit Stats

This new plugin adds a new report to your Memberships > Reports screen. The report displays login, view, and visit stats for “This Week” and “This Year”.

View the Add On


Visits, Views, Logins Report: Before


Visits, Views, Logins Report: After


  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-better-logins-report’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit the Memberships > Reports page in your dashboard.

Special thanks to PMPro Member PixelHappy who sponsored the development of this plugin and allowed us to share it here.

Statuses Available in the pmpro_memberships_users table; Updated Member History Add On

The ‘pmpro_memberships_users’ table tracks a user’s membership (separate of their membership orders) for deeper reporting. The table includes a list of statuses that you can use to build custom reports.

The updated Member History Add On makes use of these statuses for deeper insights into a member’s activity on your site.

Statuses Available for Reporting

The new statuses available in this table include:

  • active: The user’s current membership level
  • admin_cancelled: The admin cancelled the user’s membership under the Users > Edit User page.
  • admin_changed: The user’s level was changed by the admin under the Users > Edit User page.
  • cancelled: The user cancelled their membership via the frontend page set as “Cancel Page” under Memberships > Page Settings
  • changed: The user changed their membership to another option via a frontend membership checkout
  • expired: The user’s membership expired and they did not renew or select a new level prior to expiration.
  • inactive: All of cases where the membership level changed. Also the status given to all inactive memberships before PMPro version 1.8.

The Updated Member History Add On

I’ve updated the Member History add on to include a toggle-view for history based on Orders or on Membership History. The Membership History view includes admin changes, including an admin creating a new member, admin cancellations, and admin level changes.

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New Add On to Auto-Detect, Protect and Redirect Custom Post Types

The Custom Post Type Membership Access Add On adds the ‘Require Membership’ meta box to all CPTs selected and redirects non-members to the selected page.

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Select the CPTs to Restrict

The add on’s settings page detects the Custom Post Types (CPTs) active in your WordPress. You can select the CPTs to add the ‘Require Membership’ meta box to. Then on that single edit screen for the CPT select membership levels with access.

It even works with WooCommerce for “members only” products (redirects users without access from the single product view).

Then, redirect the single CPT frontend view to a selected page.

In most cases, your theme has set up CPTs to display content on the frontend in a unique way. For this reason, the standard ways that Paid Memberships Pro filters membership content will not cover all cases. Thus, the add on will simply redirect users without access to a selected page.

Most sites will want to redirect to the “membership levels” page – but you can choose any page you’d like in the drop down under Settings > PMPro CPTs.


  1. Upload ‘pmpro-cpt’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to Settings > PMPro CPTs in the WordPress Admin to select custom post types and set redirection rules.




This redirection will also apply to a search engine indexing your site.

Setting membership access restrictions for a single CPT will not necessarily hide it from archives, search, or other custom templates built into your theme.