Methods to Block Users from Logging In, Selecting or Changing Membership

Update: v2.3+ of Paid Memberships Pro now includes frontend login and profile editing. We are working to update all of our documentation that recommended using a third party plugin or custom code to allow this feature. Please read the release notes on v2.3 for more information.

If you come across any “problem” members in your business, these methods will allow you to limit or completely disable their access on your site. We’ll also cover how to lock a member’s level indefinitely or for a specific required term.

Methods covered in this post include: Disabling User Login | One-Time Use Memberships/Trials | NEW Lock Membership Level Add On

Limit Post Views for Non-Members a la New York Times

Inspired by sites like The New York Times, which limits visitors to 5-10 monthly article views before redirecting to a paywall. The plugin sets a cookie for each visitor to track their views per month. You can set the number of visits and once that limit is reached, the visitor is directed to your Membership Levels page and must sign up to view additional posts.

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