Paid Memberships Pro in Your Language

Paid Memberships Pro displays in U.S. English (en_US) by default, but our plugin has the capability to be used in any language.

Translations Included in Paid Memberships Pro

  • Czech: cs_CZ
  • Danish: da_DK
  • German: de_DE
  • English (UK): en_GB
  • English: en_US
  • Spanish (Chile): es_CL
  • Spanish (Spain): es_ES
  • Spanish (Peru): es_PE
  • French (France): fr_FR
  • Italian: it_IT
  • Norwegian (Bokmål): nb_NO
  • Dutch (Nederlands): nl_NL
  • Portuguese (Brazil): pt_BR
  • Slovak: sk_SK
  • Turkish: tr_TR

How to Change Your WordPress (and Paid Memberships Pro) Language

The WordPress Codex has an excellent guide on how to set your WordPress language. See that guide here: This will update both your WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro to use the specified language.

Not all of our translations have included the member email body text (only the German Translation is currently provided), but you can use the Email Templates Admin Editor Add On to do these translations.

How to Contribute a New Translation

If your translation is not listed here, you can read this tutorial on how to prepare new localization files:

We just ask that whatever work you do to localize Paid Memberships Pro is contributed back to the Plugin community under the GPLv2 license. You can submit your new translation files via a pull request on our GitHub Repository ( or send an email via our Contact Form and we will coordinate with you to obtain the translation files.