Resolving Memory Issues When Exporting the Members List or Orders to CSV

If you have a large members list or order history and cannot get the full list to export, use the code gist below to increase the memory and execution time.

Increasing memory and execution time for your Administrator or Membership Manager Accounts

You may have previously used or read about code that can be added your php.ini, .htaccess, or wp-config.php files to increase execution times and memory limits.

However, sometimes you only need the extra memory and time when doing something an admin would be doing: like exporting a members list or orders table.

If this is the case, use the code below to selectively increase the execution time and memory for ONLY the Administrator or Membership Manager roles. This will make sure that normal visitors don’t end up using more memory or apache/etc. services than they need to, which should make your site run smoother.

This code recipe requires a PMPro Plus Account or higher.

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Set Up a Landing Page to Capture Email Addresses

I recently created a tutorial video on how to set up a landing page in just 5 minutes using PMPro + Register Helper + the Memberlite theme.

Set Up a Landing Page to Capture Email AddressesThe landing page in the demo gives access to a video, but you could offer other freemium content like an eBook, White Paper, audio file, subscription to a newsletter, or file download.

Watch the Video

A landing page is a great way to ensure that you are capturing all possible leads on your site – and this tutorial streamlines the signup process as much as possible. We don’t want a single barrier to capturing that lead!

Note: The tutorial does not require Memberlite - it just makes it look nicer (IMHO).

You will still need to generate traffic to your website, but having a setup like the above will ensure that some percentage of people visiting your site will convert to mailing list members… that you can upsell later… wink, wink.

For Paid Memberships Pro, roughly 1,000 people visit our site every day, and about 50 of them convert into mailing list members. That’s 1,500 new subscribers every month or 18,000 new subscribers every year. Not too shabby.

Enjoyed the tutorial?

Let us know your thoughts below. What are some other ways you capture leads? What are some things you can give away as “freemium” content to build your list?

How We Built A Subscriber List of 24,000+ Members

Paid Memberships Pro has always been and always will be 100% GPL and available for free to download from So how are we capturing (and hopefully converting) all of these free users of our plugin and documentation?

Below are a few tactics that have helped Paid Memberships Pro grow into (one of) the most used membership plugins for WordPress.

  1. Give away quality content for free on your website.

    Share on social media. Guest blog. Post free plugins to the repository. Anything to get traffic to your site. Make sure the free content is useful to your target customers.

  2. Have a desirable product to encourage users to share their email on your site.

    With Paid Memberships Pro, we ask you to become a free member before you can download the plugin or view our documentation. You could use white papers, 15-minute consultation calls, free samples that are inexpensive to ship, or anything that would convince users to subscribe.

  3. Synchronize your free members with MailChimp or another email marketing applications.

    See our MailChimp add on or browse all of our third party integration options here.

  4. Add email forms EVERYWHERE.

    Add them to the bottom of your posts and pages. Use plugins like OptinMonster to ask for emails in a slightly annoying (but totally effective) manner.

  5. Set up a landing page to capture email address.

    In a couple days we’ll be posting an article about how to easily set this up with Paid Memberships Pro.

Post a comment if you’ve tried these tactics.

I’d love to hear if you are having success with list building using these concepts. Or, share a comment about other list-building techniques that you’ve found successful.

Search Specific User and User Meta Fields (Register Helper Fields) on the Members List

The code gist below outlines how to add search functionality for a specific user profile field/user meta field added by Register Helper or other custom WordPress user meta fields. We plan to move some of this functionality into the core plugin, but welcome feedback from early adopters.

To search on a specific meta key, enter the query as follows: field_name:field_value. For example, if you have a user meta field “gender” and want to search for the value “female”, enter gender:female or to find all members with billing addresses in the state of Pennsylvania, search for pmpro_bstate:pa.

This page requires a PMPro Core Account or higher.

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