Add A Grace Period to a PMPro Membership

Sometimes, a little compassion goes a long way. This code recipe will give your members a 15-day grace period for their membership. When your members reach their expiration date, this grace period will come into effect. Allowing your members to get their account in order without losing access to the content of your membership site….

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Approve or Exclude Members with the Approvals Add On: Live Stream Demo this Thursday

I’m happy to announce that the wait is (almost) over—on July 6 we will be releasing the new Approvals Add On. And to kick off the launch, Jason will demo the add on via live stream at 1pm EDT.

With this Add On you will be able to set up a unique approval or application process for your membership site. It’s a necessary feature for many membership sites that want to control who can gain access to your community or restricted content.