Limit and Pre-Configure Themes and Plugins for Network Sites by Membership Level

If you’re using the Network/Multisite Membership Add On, the code recipe below demonstrates (at a high level) how you can limit allowed plugins and themes based on the membership level purchased.

The Code Recipe

Save the code recipe below as a .php file and upload it to the ‘wp-content/mu-plugins’ folder. Update the pmpro_plugins_per_level and pmpro_themes_per_levels globals in the plugin.

This code recipe requires a PMPro Core Account or higher.

View Membership Options

Want more pre-configuration options?

There are many ways to pre-congifure the site that is created at checkout (custom code, this recipe above, or the plugin described below). We’ve guided our PMPro Plus members through this process via the members forums.

One way is to use the pmpro_network_new_site hook to run custom code after a new site is setup. During this action, you can change properties of the admin user, change the default theme, create stub pages, or really run any code you need to. Here is an example that uses the hook to changes new users to the editor role when their site is created.

If you don’t want or need to custom code your setup, or just want an easier way to setup default site layouts, here are a few open source and premium third-party plugins that you can explore. I haven’t tested them all, so if you try one and have success, please post a comment below.

NS Cloner – Site Copier

WP Multisite Replicator (currently $35.95)

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