Show a Member’s Expiration Date in a Page, Post, Widget, etc. via Shortcode

This simple code recipe creates a [pmpro_expiration_date] shortcode you can use in a page, post, widget, or pretty much anywhere on your site.

It shows the current logged in member’s expiration date or the expiration date for the user specified by the “user” attribute. The date is formatted per your site’s Settings > General > Date Format field. If there is no expiration or user, the shortcode displays “—“.

Methods to Totally Disable, Reroute, or Selectively Disable Paid Memberships Pro Emails to the Member/User or Admin

Paid Memberships Pro sends a variety of emails to the admin and member as related to their membership, subscription status, expiration, confirmation and more. If you’d like to alter the default distribution of these emails, below are a few methods to do just that. See a list of all PMPro-generated email here.