Does Google Think Your Membership Website is Mobile-Friendly?

pmpro_google-mobile-friendlyHave you been stressing out over Google’s announcement about mobile-friendly sites and search ranking impact?

Here’s a quick step you can take to (potentially) calm your nerves and get the information you need to meet the search giant’s requirement of mobile-friendliness:

Try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Using Paid Memberships Pro on your site will not make an otherwise mobile-friendly site fail this test. We have tested our plugin with the included WordPress themes and the sites all pass 100%.

What we’re working on: Revamping the Plugin-generated Pages

Just wanted to shoot out an update on some new development we are working on for Paid Memberships Pro. If you have feedback or ideas, please post in the comments. Table-free Membership Checkout and Billing Information Page The default Membership Checkout and Billing Information pages (displayed when using the [pmpro_checkout] and [pmpro_billing] shortcode) currently use (more…)