Time is a precious resource for most membership site founders and managers. This article aggregates some of our most popular posts related to managing your membership site on the backend. These are the key Add Ons, code recipes, and workflow hacks I myself use in managing the PMPro membership community—and I know they can also help you as a manager of your own membership program.

Tips and tricks for managing your membership site.

View a Member’s History and Orders

Each user on your site has a unique history of membership level changes, renewals, expirations, and cancellations. You can view this history on the Edit User page in your WordPress admin. I use this screen to help me identify my site’s longest running members, quickly see if a member has come in and out of the membership, see if a member has a history of signing up, cancelling, or receiving a refund.

It also shows you if the member signed up using a discount code, what prices they have paid in the past, whether they have changed levels and more.

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Show a Page or Post’s Required Levels in the Admin

If you manage a site with restricted content, this code recipe adds a column to the All Pages or All Posts screens of the WordPress admin. I find it really helps me see what content is restricted to what level without having to navigate to the page in an incognito browser or click through to edit the post and check the meta box.

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Add Custom Reports to the Membership Admin Area

Every membership site owner could probably identify one or two custom reports that would greatly speed up their membership management workflow. This recipe will show you how to get started building the custom report to display in the Memberships > Reports admin as a “meta box” as well as the single report view.

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Membership Manager Role Add On

Who can access member data is a very important consideration, not only for the security of your members’ information, but also for helping you as the site administrator to hand off specific pieces of membership management to the appropriate team members. Our Membership

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Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) Membership Reports

If you’re interested in staying on top of revenue from your mobile device, check out this Add On: it offers a streamlined dashboard that loads outside of your WordPress admin. The dashboard pulls in the default reports displayed under Memberships > Reports, plus any additional reports you have added for your site.

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Adding Members in the Admin in One Step

Some membership site owners need to create new members manually, perhaps in cases where they collecting payments in an offline manner This Add On allows the admin or membership manager to create the user, the membership settings, and the order in one step.

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Speed Up Member and User Search in Your WordPress Site

If your membership has grown to a large number of users, you may be noticing a slow down of your admin user search. This recipe allows you to perform a search on a specific user or user meta field name. With this code in place, you can perform an optimized key-to-value search in the format email:address@domain.com in either the Users or Members admin page.

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Make All Order Fields Editable in the Memberships > Orders Admin Page.

To protect you from accidentally editing member orders, the core PMPro plugin leaves several of the order’s unique codes as read-only. There are certain cases where the administrator or membership manager may need to edit certain fields on a member’s order. This recipe uses a filter in PMPro to make all fields or certain fields editable for these cases.

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Display and Search by Order Transaction or Subscription IDs

This recipe is designed to assist membership site admins in managing their member information. There are several components of this recipe, each designed to add Subscription ID or Transaction ID information to various user screens throughout the WordPress admin as well as the Members export to CSV. The recipe also adds the ability to search Users, Members, and Orders by these IDs making it simpler to locate a member by these fields.

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Developer’s Toolkit for Staging Sites and Bulk Data Updates

The final recommendation I want to make in this huge admin helper post relates to out developer-focused Toolkit Add On. This robust Add On has a load of features designed to help you protect staging site data from interacting with your live gateway or members, run batch updates on memberships or content, and scrub or reset various components of membership data before launch.

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I hope that you have learned about a new admin-assisting tool or recipe that you can put into place in your membership site.