Previously, I’ve posted about all of the ways to manage Affiliates with Paid Memberships Pro. This post focuses on a few recent improvements to our Affiliates Add On.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a third-party affiliate program and have basic affiliate program requirements, give this add on a try.

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New Features in the Affiliates Add On for Paid Memberships Pro

  • Globally Rename the term “Affiliates” for Your Unique Program

    You can globally replace the term “Affiliates” throughout the tracking system to any term (singular and plural) of your choice. This is useful if you would like to repurpose the Affiliates Add On for a “Referral” program or “Invitation” program.
    Rename the Term Affiliates

  • Automatically Generate the Affiliate After Membership Checkout

    You no longer need to manually create the affiliate. We’ve added a setting on the Membership Level to generate the affiliate for you.
    Generate the Affiliate After Checkout

  • Generate the Frontend Page for Member Affiliate Reports

    Navigate to Memberships > Page Settings. Here you will see a new setting for the “Affiliate Report” page. Click the link to generate the page (or create it manually and add the shortcode [pmpro_affiliates_report]. A link to this report page is automatically added to the “Member Links” section of the Membership Account page.
    Generate the Frontend Page for Member Affiliate Reports

  • Improved Appearance of the Member’s Frontend Report

    We’ve made some enhancements to the appearance and “guidance” for the report output your members will see within their Membership Account. We hope this makes things a little bit easier to manage for you and your members.
    Improved Appearance of the Member's Frontend Report

We understand that this Affiliates Add On isn’t a complete system – it doesn’t handle any payouts to your affiliates nor does it deduct the “sale” from the affiliate when a member cancels. However, it is still a useful add on if you’d like to allow members to refer one another and see the growth they are generating under their account.

You can then develop your own offline or manual affiliate payout system to extend this lightweight add on for your unique needs.

View the Add On

Hi – is there any way for the Member/Affiliate to see the “number of visits” in their Referral Report / Members Front End Report as well as their list of conversions ?
The back end site admins can see each individual affiliate generated number of visits in the “Manage Affiliates” tab as per your screen shot above. Site admins can also see each individual Member/Affiliate list of conversions.
Is it possible for the Member/Affiliate to see this data too by any chance please ? 🙂

Using this Affiliates Add On, the link or code will be visible on the page you have assigned as the “Affiliate Report” and included the required [ pmpro_affiliates_report] shortcode in. You can link to this page from the Membership Account page or a member menu area. Their code will also be displayed on the Membership Confirmation page if the affiliate is generated automatically as part of membership.

The plugin isn’t properly “wrapped” for translation yet. Can you give us a week to do that and then it would be great if you translated this for us. Reach out through the contact form as well so I don’t forget you.

Hi there,
Is there a place (in the customizations plugin?) to set the standard values for the length of the autogenerated affiliate codes and for the cookie expiration value?
And is there a way to cloak or exclude the user name (as it contains e-mail addresses) in the reports visible to the affiliates in the frontend? This would be highly appreciated, as for European privacy laws, this would be important to have.

I just noticed that we may have had a boo boo in the update we pushed out and so users may not have been prompted or able to upgrade. I’ve just now pushed out version .3 that has the most recent features we brought up in this blog post.

Let us know if we missed anything.

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