Here is the change log from the last couple updates. Some posts on how to use some of these new filters coming soon.


  • Ordering levels by id (ascending) on the levels page now. Added a “pmpro_levels_array” filter that can be used to reorder the levels or alter the levels before displaying them on the levels page. The array of levels is the only parameter.
  • Added expiration date to the member list and export.
  • Showing a member count on the member list page.
  • Added filter to change subject lines for PMPro emails. (pmpro_email_subject) The filter’s first paramter is the subject, the second parameter is an object containg all of the email information. There are also filters for pmpro_email_recipient, pmpro_email_sender, pmpro_email_sender_name, pmpro_email_template, amd pmpro_email_body.
  • Added an RSS feed from the PMPro blog to the dashboard.
  • Now only showing the discount code field at checkout if there are discount codes in the database. Can be overriden by the pmpro_show_discount_code filter.
  • Cancelling with PayPal now properly updates status to “cancelled”.
  • No longer trying to unsubscribe from PayPal or if there is no subscription ID to check against (e.g. when the user was manually added to a membership level) or if the last order does not have “success” status (e.g. they already cancelled).
  • Removed PHP short tags (e.g., ) for wider compatibility.


  • Fixed bug with non-USD currencies.
  • Fixed bug with phone number formatting.


  • Fixed bug with discount codes showing up in emails, confirmation pages, and invoices.
  • Added currency option to gateway settings.
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We’re selling to many countries. How to make the currency match their country instead of choosing one statically that all customers muse use?

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