Lots of fixes and new hooks in update 1.3.1. Note that I started cleaning up some of the notices and warning-level errors generated by the plugin. I plan to wipe out the remaining ones very soon. Thanks, guys!

Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates
  • Fixed automatic page creation, which broke in the last update.
  • Added hook pmpro_checkout_level which allows you to tweak the $level object before checkout, e.g. to change pricing for upgrades.
  • Added hook pmpro_checkout_start_date which allows you to change the start date of a membership before checkout. (preheaders/checkout.php)
  • Added hook pmpro_profile_start_date which allows you to change the start date of a membership that is sent to the gateway. (classes/class.memberorder.php)
  • Cleaned up some notices and warnings. Will hopefully finish the remaining ones next update.
  • Removed some old tinyMCE code that wasn’t in use anymore. FYI, WP 3.3 will have a way to include visual editors on other pages, so we may add it to the description field of the membership levels.
  • Updated order class to send phone and email to Authorize.net when creating subscriptions. The charge/authorize API support international phone numbers, but the ARB API does not. So if a customer enters an international phone number (or other phone number over 10 characters), the number will be sent for any initial payment/charge, but not for the subscription setup.
  • Fixed where !!discount_code!! was not being parsed out in emails.
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