This is a large update. There are some important bug fixes, especially for those using PayPal and PayPal Express.

Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

We added an uninstall.php to the plugin which will allow you to “delete” the plugin via the Plugins page in the dashboard. Thanks to Ken Dirschl for kicking this off.

When deleting the plugin, you will be presented with the option to remove all PMPro data from the database. This removes all tables created by PMPro and all options in the wp_options page. The only thing that will remain after the delete are the pages created or assigned by PMPro (Account, Billing, Cancel, Checkout, Levels, Invoice). These pages may not be PMPro specific, and deleting pages is fairly easy. I may add a notice about this to in future versions.

We also added a “Pay by Check” feature and a few other updates based on requests from the forums.

The largest part of this update was an overhaul of how user memberships are stored in the system and the database. This work was mostly done by Tim Zook. (Thanks, Tim!) The updates won’t have any functional affect on the plugin now, but lays the groundwork for us to allow multiple membership levels per user and also enables better reporting. Both of which should make an appearance in version 1.5.3 very soon.

Full change list:

= 1.5.2 =
* Added “Pay by Check” as a gateway option. Users gain immediate access. You can show instructions for who to write the check out to, where to mail it, etc.
* Added uninstall.php script. (Thanks, badfun)
* Fixed bug where the “Use SSL” option reverted to “No” for Testing, Stripe, and PayPal Express gateways whenever the payments settings page was loaded.
* Fixed bug where the IPN Handler URL was not showing up when PayPal Express was selected.
* Fixed bug where PMPro was not sending the proper trial amount to PayPal when using Website Payments Pro or PayPal Express.
* Added id and status fields to the pmpro_memberships_users table and updated all code to use these fields. This is important for allowing multiple membership levels and tracking cancelled orders. (Thanks, Zookatron!)
* Appending ?level=# to the confirmation page URL after checkout to aid in analytics tracking.
* No longer filtering pages/posts from search results if “show excerpts” is set to YES.
* Showing tax on invoices if applicable.
* Sending tax amount to PayPal Express again.
* Added code to force HTTPS if the siteurl option starts with https:
* Hiding billing information box on Membership Account page if the last invoice was by check or paypal express.
* Added pmpro_email_days_til_expiration and pmpro_email_days_til_trial_end to change how many days before expiration/etc to send an email. The default is 7.
* Fixed typo/bug in preheader/checkout.php RE the pmpro_stripe_verify_address hook. (Thanks, Oniiru!)
* Updated the_excerpt filters to prevent PMPro messages from being added to an excerpt twice in some setups.
* the_content filter removes any class=”more-link” class from the content if showing an excerpt.

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