This update brings recurring payment functionality for the Payflow gateway option. However, Payflow does not have an IPN or “web hook” method to have Payflow ping back to your site when recurring payments are made. This means that invoices will not be created when recurring payments are made… although your users will still be able to cancel their subscriptions from your site (and have them cancel at the gateway).

Payflow suggests writing a script to check subscription statuses daily and to log new orders that way. It’s possible and we’ll hopefully figure something like that out over the next 30 days and release that in the next PMPro update.

There have also been a few bug fixes and a critical fix for people wanting to use Braintree payments in the live (production!) environment.

Also, if you are using the Theme My Login plugin (which we have been recommending), the latest upgrades above version 6.23 have been sometimes breaking when used with Paid Memberships Pro. You may not be able to login after upgrading. We are working on a fix for this, either by ensuring compatibility with TML’s new page architecture or by pulling in some TML functionality into the core plugin. In the meantime, do not upgrade your Theme My Login plugin if you are using Paid Memberships Pro.

Full list of updates:

= 1.6.1 =
* Added recurring billing support to Payflow integration.
* Fixed bug where an order’s code was shown instead of the subscription ID on the edit order page.
* Fixed some logic with determining if level settings are not compatible with the current gateway.
* On notice and one DB query fix in upgradecheck.php submitted by pranjithkumar on GitHub. Thanks!

= =
* Fixed Braintree integration for production environments. Braintree needed to be told “production” instead of “live”.
* Removed !!field!! lines from a couple of admin emails.
* Added login_link as data for the cancel_admin email template.

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Hi Jason, Quick question. How I can avoid for an -already subscribed member- to click on the membership button and be able to click on the paypal again. If the member do that, the system will create a new invoice and it will looks like I’m charging the member twice. Im using Paypal and I only have one plan option.

Your plugin is awesome. Thank you

I’m not really sure what you are asking. You want to keep members from checking out a second time? (You really would be charging them twice if they went through with it.) We can give you more help for this in our members forum.

Thank you very much..
Yes I want to avoid members to go trough the subscription process by a second time. Looking for a way to hide the paypal button for the already member. I don’t know if that will be possible just with the current plugin options without php programming? Im not familiar with php.

Thank you for the help. I can’t find the info on the forum. Thank you

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