We compiled a nice list of bug fixes and other updates before we could get v2.0 beta out. So PMPro 1.7.12 is here.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version 1.7.12 specifically here.

The full list of updates is below.

    • Now including expiration text in text that is updated when a discount code is used. (Thanks, John Zeiger)
  • Making sure that $myuser->membership_level is set in pmpro_has_membership_access().
  • Added Norwegian locale files. (Thanks, Maritk)
  • Added Turkish locale files. (Thanks, yasinkuyu on GitHub.)
  • Fixed error where “undefined” was being passed to Stripe for the name.
  • Fixed error with setting enddates on the edit user page for users with multiple “active” memberships.
  • “Renew” link will show up on levels page only if the user has the level and it is not recurring and has an enddate.
  • Stripe gateway is using $pmpro_currency global instead of getting value via pmpro_getOption, so it can be overridden via code likehttps://gist.github.com/strangerstudios/8806443
  • Payflow Pro gateway is now passing the currency code to the API for non-US currencies. (Thanks

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Indeed! As I saw, Paypal and PagSeguro are quite similar when it comes to recurrent payments, but when it comes to simple sells, paypal has a great advantage for us, brazillians. I’d love to see it on PMP.

I have spent a long time making lots of small modifications such as username validation, custom messages and various other tweeks. Will these all be over written with the update??! (I have a feeling so)

If you edited any files in the paid-memberships-pro directory, then yes upgrading will overwrite those updates you did. What you want to do is save those updates somewhere and figure out how to do them using “hooks and filters” so they will work even after you upgrade. I can help you with this in our member forums. Let me know what you are doing and share some of your code and I’ll point you in the right direction. For example, you can do username validation using the pmpro_registration_checks filter (docs here https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/hook/pmpro_registration_checks/).

Hi, I’m using DIVI from elegantthemes and was wondering if it’s possible to add protection to projects just like the pages have? Or, do you think that will be included in a future update?

Is there any way to make the export options available on the WP interface? Would like to include/exclude certain fields within a membership type on the export and not sure if I have to reach out to a developer or not.

Jason, I am having an issue to set a product to free which is given to customer when they sign up for different membership level. I do put “0” in the box related to that particular membership, to set it to “free” but it does not change the regular price to “free”. When I enter “11” for example it does lower the regular price to $11. I need it to set it to “free”, how can I do this please? Putting “0” does not work… It is driving me a little insane…:)

How far off is PMP2.0? I’m waiting for it before making a site live – should I stop waiting, go live with 1.7.12 and then upgrade later, or will I have a round of changes to make if I do?

Can someone please help me? I’m panicking. I run a fantasy football membership site, and I discovered today that new users cannot checkout when clicking paypal link on Membership Checkout page. I would GREATLY appreciate any help at all. Thank you in advance.

I see a supposed fix for ‘undefined’ being passed to stripe, but we still see ‘Undefined Undefined’ for first/last on the receipts — including those which are sent to the customer.

Using stripe and NO billing address.. how can we get the user’s first and last name sent to Stripe? We do know this information, since our users must have these fields populated before they can upgrade to a PMpro level. Our checkout page consists only of the credit card info.

The user’s first name does appear elsewhere, just not next to the card number on the stripe receipt, and the e-mail notification we receive as admins says new payment from undefined undefined

1.7.13 has an update that fixes this for the name as well as the address. Sorry for the confusion.

If you want name, but not address, you’ll have to add the name fields back in using PMPro Register Helper or something similar. I believe we have some code like this in our support forums somewhere. Someone did it recently.

Thanks for your quick response.

Can’t I just manually include the first/last as hidden fields? I assume I would just need to know the ‘name’ attribute for the hidden fields? I would display his information to the user and offer a link to edit it (their profile) if necessary before returning to checkout.

Perhaps I can add these fields on the dev site just to retrieve the name attribute for mapping.. and then go the hidden field route.

Finally – just to clarify, what is being extended/fixed in the next release? Will PMPro pass the first/last automatically, meaning I should just wait?

Hi, I realize that I’m awfully late to the party but I just installed PMPro on a website and I’m getting the same stripe problem with ‘undefined’ being passed to stripe. Is there any way to fix that? I have Version installed


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