We’re hard at work on version 2.0 and should have a beta next week. In the meantime, version 1.7.8 is out. This fixes some bugs, particularly with PayPal Express again. We also added filters for the orders page, new translations, and some new filters which are used by the latest versions of the addons.Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

Visit the “plugins” page of your dashboard to update or you can grab the ZIP file here: latest version1.7.8 specifically.

We also pushed a bunch of the addons into the WordPress repository to make it easier to upgrade them as they are updated. New plugins in the WP repo include:

Here’s the full list of updates for v1.7.8.

  • Added various hooks.
  • Updated the expiration field dropdown on the edit levels page to use translation strings. (Thanks, 24uurdates)
  • Fixed other missing strings for translation. Added Right-to-Left support. (Thanks, louy on GitHub.)
  • Added the pmpro_member_startdate filter to filter the pmpro_getMemberStartdate function. Passes $user_id, and $level_id as parameters.
  • Added pmpro.getMembershipLevelForUser and pmpro.hasMembershipAccess XMLRPC methods. Example usage: https://gist.github.com/strangerstudios/9099164
  • Moved the Terms of Service page/etc to right above the checkout button.
  • Now caching the pmpro_getAllLevels() function.
  • Added HTML wrappers to the JS on checkout.php. Helps with validation and potentially really old browsers.
  • Fixed warnings in includes/login.php.
  • Added pmpro_delete_discount_code and pmpro_delete_membership_level actions which run just BEFORE a membership level is deleted. Both pass the discount code ID or level ID respectively.
  • Added a third “short” parameter to the pmpro_getLevelCost() function. If set to true the “The price for membership is” text is left off the beginning. The new levels page uses this param.
  • Updated the table on the levels page to have one “Price” column showing the cost and expiration text. The text is generated using pmpro_getLevelCost and pmpro_getLevelExpiration instead of its own rules.
  • Updated level cost text to say $1/mo instead of $1 now and then $1/mo, etc. (Thanks, louy on GitHub.)
  • Added a debug by email method for the Authorize.net Silent Post handler. Add define(‘PMPRO_AUTHNET_SILENT_POST_DEBUG’, true); to your wp-config.php. We will probably move the other services to debug by email as well.
  • PMPro will now only filter the from name and email if the default values are detected (WordPress wordpress@sitename.com). This fixes issues where the from name and email on form emails or other plugin emails were being swapped out with the PMPro settings, which was not always desirable. (Thanks, Helen Hou-Sandi and others.)
  • Added an “Only Filter PMPro Emails?” option to the email settings. If checked, only emails sent through the PMProEmail class will have their from name and email adjusted to match the PMPro email settings.
  • Added filter options to orders page in admin and export. (Thanks, HTCIA and Harsha Venkatesh)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation. (Thanks, dballona on GitHub.)
  • Fixed some warnings. (Thanks, AlexBiddle on GitHub.)
  • Added pmpro_custom_advanced_settings hook to add settings to advanced settings page. Details on usage here: https://github.com/strangerstudios/paid-memberships-pro/pull/86 (Thanks, Jess Oros)
  • Updated addon categorization to reflect a lot of addons which have moved into the WordPress.org repository as well as updated versions.


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