The Email Confirmation Add On adds an additional step to membership checkout, requiring members to click a validation link in the confirmation email in order to activate their membership. Continue reading to learn about the features and setup.

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How it Works

When a member completes checkout on your site, their membership is automatically activated after successful payment or free checkout. You can use this add on to require members of designated levels to click a validation link in their membership confirmation email in order to complete the membership checkout and “activate” their account.

Unvalidated members will still appear in your members list, but access to members-only content will fail until their email address is validated. The pmpro_has_membership_access_filter, pmpro_hasMembershipLevel() function and instances of the [membership] shortcode will return false and all members-only content will be hidden.

Note: v.4 of this add on includes the additional filtering of pmpro_has_membership_level to users who aren’t confirmed. If you are using an earlier version of this add on, please update from the Plugins admin in WordPress.


  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-email-confirmation’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Edit your levels under Memberships > Membership Levels > Edit Level. Check the “Email Confirmation” checkbox to require email validation for this level.

This confirmation step is best used for free membership levels. A paying member has less incentive to purchase your membership and provide a false email address. Adding this additional step for paying members may be more hassle/pain than benefit.

How to Manually Validate a User (as Administrator or Membership Manager)

The Administrator or Membership Manager can manually validate any user through the dashboard by clicking the “Validate User” button on the Memberships > Members List or Users admin page.

You can validate a user from the Memberships > Members List or the Users admin page. Just hover over the username and a link to “Validate User” will appear.



Membership Confirmation page with note to check email for validation link

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Yay team! We’ve been using PMpro for a year with great success – but this exact thing was on my todo list. Seems that some people never gave the right email address, and left room open for the worst – chargebacks. It makes me and my merchant company feel much more secure having a validated email address, especially AFTER they paid for their membership!

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Hi Guys,

I love this! It’s such a great add-on.

Is there a way I can replace the default language for those who haven’t verified when they go to protected content reminding them to verify their email address?



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Hi guys, my confirmation emails seem to be going to the spam folder of the users when they sign up. Do you know how to fix this?

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Using an SMTP plugin to send the mail instead of your server might help. After that, I can only suggest you follow whatever the latest best practices are for keeping email out of the spam folder. There are things you can change in the DNS settings for the domain sending the email to help stop this. There are a number of other best practices. If you find anything we can do on our side in the code or formatting of the default email text, let us know.

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Hi Mr Jason,
Thank you for your hard working and this awesome plugin(PMPro),
I have activated the “Email confirmation add on” but it doesn’t work, meaning that users after registration can access to restricted contents without even email confirmation!
Please help me if it’s possible.


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