Here is a recap of the last few updates that include several bug fixes. The upgrade is especially important for people using PayPal Express on servers that don’t have SSL setup.


  • Fixed SSL handling on the billing page for members without an order.
  • Removed single quotes from shortcode examples on page settings page. Doh! (Thanks, Caps)
  • Added Multisite/Network FAQ item.
  • Updated the payments settings page to convert tax rates like 7 into 0.07. (Tax rates > 1 are divided by 100.)


  • Moved the SSL Seal box lower on the payment settings page.
  • Made dashboard menu and admin bar menus consistent.
  • Fixed bug with selecting categories when adding a new level.
  • Fixed bug where the user was sometimes redirected to the add level page after adding a level.


  • Updated pmpro_hasMembershipLevel() and [membership] shortcode to allow passing a level like “-5” which will return true if the user does NOT have level #5.
  • Updated how PMPro notifications are retrieved and shown on the PMPro admin pages. We’re using admin-ajax to call the pmpro_notifications function which uses WP’s HTTP API to call the server. Only the PMPro version number is passed to check if a notification should be shown. This method shouldn’t slow page load since the javascript is called using jQuery’s ready function. If the PMPro server is unavailable, you’ll get a JS error instead of a PHP one.
  • Fixed warning on discount codes page. Fixed some other warnings.
  • Updated expiration/trial crons to avoid blank (”) and zero (‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’) DB values in addition to NULLs. (Some backup programs will incorrectly export NULL dates as ” which could be interpretted as 1/1/1970… meaning the membership has expired.)
  • Fixed bug where “Billing Information” was shown on the account page for some free levels.

  • Fixed the activation bug that went out in 1.3.17. New version to allow for easy upgrades.
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