Here is a recap of the last few updates that include several bug fixes. The upgrade is especially important for people using PayPal Express on servers that don’t have SSL setup.

Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates


  • Fixed SSL handling on the billing page for members without an order.
  • Removed single quotes from shortcode examples on page settings page. Doh! (Thanks, Caps)
  • Added Multisite/Network FAQ item.
  • Updated the payments settings page to convert tax rates like 7 into 0.07. (Tax rates > 1 are divided by 100.)


  • Moved the SSL Seal box lower on the payment settings page.
  • Made dashboard menu and admin bar menus consistent.
  • Fixed bug with selecting categories when adding a new level.
  • Fixed bug where the user was sometimes redirected to the add level page after adding a level.


  • Updated pmpro_hasMembershipLevel() and [membership] shortcode to allow passing a level like “-5” which will return true if the user does NOT have level #5.
  • Updated how PMPro notifications are retrieved and shown on the PMPro admin pages. We’re using admin-ajax to call the pmpro_notifications function which uses WP’s HTTP API to call the server. Only the PMPro version number is passed to check if a notification should be shown. This method shouldn’t slow page load since the javascript is called using jQuery’s ready function. If the PMPro server is unavailable, you’ll get a JS error instead of a PHP one.
  • Fixed warning on discount codes page. Fixed some other warnings.
  • Updated expiration/trial crons to avoid blank (”) and zero (‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’) DB values in addition to NULLs. (Some backup programs will incorrectly export NULL dates as ” which could be interpretted as 1/1/1970… meaning the membership has expired.)
  • Fixed bug where “Billing Information” was shown on the account page for some free levels.

  • Fixed the activation bug that went out in 1.3.17. New version to allow for easy upgrades.
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