Rapid fire updates!

We got ourselves a new flashy banner in the WP repository. Check it out.

Other updates below.

Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

Update 1.3.11

  • Fixed bug with cancelling a user’s membership through the admin.

Update 1.3.10

  • Fixed the links in the discount code table.
  • pmpro_hasMembershipLevel(0) and will once again return true for non-members. (This broke whent he pmpro_has_membership_level filter was added.)
  • WP 3.3.1 testing. (Looks good!)

Update 1.3.9

  • Added a “pmpro_has_membership_level” filter ($r = apply_filters(“pmpro_has_membership_level”, $r, $user_id, $levels);) which can be used to override the default behavior here.
  • Fixed the pmpro shortcodes to allow content above and below the shortcodes on the membership pages. (Thanks, Bluewind!)
  • Now setting the user’s first and last name to the billing first and last name after checkout.
  • Added billing first/last name, billing address, and phone number to the members list screen and CSV export.
  • Removed email header/footer code from email class because sometimes it was added twice. Now it is added by the pmpro_send_html function in paid-memberships-pro.php for all emails (WP or PMPro) if a header or footer file are found in your theme folder.
  • Added a pmpro_after_phpmailer_init. (The old hook pmpro_after_pmpmailer_init had a typo — pmpmailer instead of phpmailer.) I left the old hook in for backwards compatibility.
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