We’ve addressed a few new and old bugs in the recent updates. As always, please upgrade to the latest version when it becomes available. Get in touch if you have issues.

We also added some new hooks and filters to support plugins and custom development. More info on those plugins coming soon hopefully.


Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

= 1.4.4 =
* Using get_admin_url instead of home_url in various places so the links will work on sites installed in a subdirectory. (Notifications, admin bar, pagination in admin screens, etc.)
* Wrapping some XML fields in Authorize.net API calls in <![CDATA[ ]]> to avoid issues when non-text characters (e.g. &) are included in the level name, etc.

= 1.4.3 =
* Fixed a bunch of notices and warnings on discount codes page in admin.
* Added hooks for changing the discount code page: pmpro_save_discount_code_level, pmpro_save_discount_code, pmpro_discount_code_after_settings, pmpro_discount_code_after_level_settings. Look them up in discountcodes.php to see how they work.
* Updated pmpro_send_html(), which filters emails, to use wpautop instead of nl2br. This will fix any extra double spacing you may have noticed in your emails.
* Added a stripslashes around the membership level confirmation text on the confirmation page. Extra slashes were breaking links, etc.
* Added membership level to subject of checkout confirmation email sent to admins.

= 1.4.2 =
* Fixed bug that was added slashes into a level’s description and confirmation when saving.
* Removed wp_editor use is the blog is running a version of WordPress < 3.3. (Note: We will only officially support the latest version of WordPress with each release.)
* Added the pmpro_pages_shortcode_{membership page} filter. This can be used to filter the content output by the pmpro_checkout and other page shortcodes. e.g. use pmpro_pages_shortcode_checkout to tweak the HTML output of the pmpro_checkout shortcode. The pages are “account”, “billing”, “cancel”, “checkout”, “confirmation”, and “levels”.
* Added a “use_ssl” option. For the PayPal Website Payments Pro and Authorize.net gateways, this must be on. For Stripe, this will default to on, but can be switched off. For PayPal Express and the test gateway, it will default to off but can be switched on. When on, the checkout and update billing pages will be forced to be served over SSL. If off, those pages will redirect to non-ssl versions. The previous hooks/filters for overriding this will still work.
* Added pmpro_save_membership_level and pmpro_membership_level_after_other_settings hooks to be able to add fields to the new/edit membership level page.
* Fixed some more warnings and notices.
* Updated checkout page to use pmpro_isLevelFree() in logic to display recaptcha or not.

= 1.4.1 =
* Fixed critical bugs with PayPal Express.
* When a PayPal cancellation returns error “11556” (The subscription must have status “active” or “suspended”.) I am cancelling the membership without an error. Most likely the PayPal subscription was already cancelled on the PayPal side.
* No longer trying to cancel a subscription with the gateway if a membership/order doesn’t have a subscription_transaction_id. (It was a initial payment only membership probably.)

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