If you are using the default pmpro_levels shortcode on your Membership Levels page – depending on your pricing you may have an empty column under the “Subscription Information” or “Initial Payment” heading. CSS to the rescue! Here’s a block of code that can be used to hide the “Subscription Information” column (useful if all of your membership levels have initial payments only), as well as a little extra styling. Just place this block of code right into the Text / HTML editor of the page containing your levels shortcode (right before the shortcode) and you are good to go. Or make it your own and tweak anything in this block – colors, fonts, etc. 8cbfc844a5b3e555cf0a7c03d49c2213001 Note: This code won’t necessarily behave if you are using a customized version of levels.php Levels Page: Before Levels Page: After…

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