The Require Membership Block allows you to hide or show nested blocks by level or for non-members. Watch the quick demo below to see how you can use this feature for your Membership site.

The block acts as a “wrapper” for other blocks, meaning that you can place additional blocks within it. Everything nested within the block will be completely hidden from view if the current user does not meet the membership requirements.

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Note: This block is only available if you are using the Block Editor in WordPress v5.0 and higher.

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This is a good idea that is complicated in practice. It’s been suggested for our shortcodes before, and we’ve thought about it.

In the meantime, you can add a new Restricted Block and choose “non-members” and the other membership levels that don’t have access, and then add into that block the message you want.


I think Ian bring up a good point. That would be really powerful and useful.

We also use visual composer is there a visual composer block for this?

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