Do you love to program? Have you dreamed in PHP in the last 6 months? Have you written a WordPress plugin before? Do you know how to use the WordPress actions and filters hooks? Have you worked with Paid Memberhsips Pro? Would read and expect to enjoy a book called Building Web Apps with WordPress? Are you available to work 10-20 hours a week in August and potentially much more going forward?

I’m looking for a motivated developer to help support Paid Memberships Pro, work on do it for me installations, and help to develop new functionality for the plugin.

The work will start out under a part-time contract 10-20 hours per week at $25-$50/hour based on your experience, with the intention to ramp you up to full time work or full on partnership in the company as soon as possible. We are ready to train and mentor you. We’re turning away work, and strong developers on our team will enable us to grow our business.

If would like the job, please email me. Include information about your most impressive WordPress plugin work, past work history, profile, portfolio, GitHub profile, or anything else that will tell me how kick ass you are.

If you are interested, but charge more than $50/hour, we can’t afford you right now. The economics doesn’t make sense for us at this time. But it is true that we are turning away work so if you have capacity, let us know and we’ll try to send work your way.

If you are interested, but uncomfortable charging $25/hour due to lack of experience, get in touch anyway. Impress me as much as you can. If you are really motivated to work with us, we can work something out. If you have the basic skills and drive, I will help you to become a high priced WordPress maniac. Paid Memberships Pro is an open source project and there are many ways to get involved besides working with us directly.

If you run an outsourcing agency, do me a favor and don’t contact me. And stop emailing me in general.

Thanks. Please spread the word.

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