Just wanted to shoot out an update on some new development we are working on for Paid Memberships Pro. If you have feedback or ideas, please post in the comments.

Table-free Membership Checkout and Billing Information Page

The default Membership Checkout and Billing Information pages (displayed when using the [pmpro_checkout] and [pmpro_billing] shortcode) currently use a table layout (this was standard for WP forms years ago). We’re recoding these templates to use a div layout. This will make the checkout page more accessible and more responsive and “device-friendly”.

We’ll provide an add on that “falls back” to the old templates should you wish to continue using the previous design.

Table-optional Membership Levels Page

The default Membership Levels page (displayed when using the [pmpro_levels] shortcode) currently displays in a table layout. We’re planning to offer both table and div style layout as an attribute of the shortcode. For more options to customize the levels display, see the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode Add On.

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I am using Facebook Manager to promote my site. To use purchase confirmation pixel code from Facebook I am using LeadPages.com which allows the pixel code to be placed in the confirmation page. I have the plug-in for Word Press that allows the Confirmation Page to be a page on my site. I want to be able to chane the Confirmation Page in the settings from the standard Paid Membership Pro page to the new LeadPages page. How can I get it to the settings area of Paid Membership Pro?

You can change the confirmation page via the Page Settings tab of the PMPro settings. You can add the [pmpro_confirmation] shortcode to that new page if you’d like to show the info that PMPro shows on confirmation.

Alternatively, you can use custom code with one of our filters to redirect to a different page at checkout. Here’s an example of that: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/set-up-unique-membership-confirmation-pages-based-on-level/

Really looking forward to this update as it will make these vital pages responsive and the forms will work on mobile. Do you know when we can expect this update?

Hi have a big shout for help here! On the checkout page I am using the checkout short code as above, but I need also to add a form using Form Builder to collect membership data… How people found out about us, what they do, what they most want out of their membership, and so on. I have added this form using a short code, and it looks great. BUT it doesn’t work! The data is not saved. It he form works perfectly outside of pm pro, but completely fails inside the plugin. This data is vital to us. Is there another way to do this? Wafta.com.au.

You folks are doing so great. Thanks! I am using Paid Membership Pro with the WP Symposium Pro social network plugins and the Customizr theme. Most all works really nicely together.

However, I am using a WP Symposium Pro-specific custom login page/url and, especially, a custom registration page/url; and make no use of the default WordPress login/registration page/url.

I believe it would make some sense for Paid Membership Pro to offer end-users like me to name in Paid Membership Pro’s configuration the urls for the custom login and reg pages to replace the instances of the WordPress url in your code everywhere.

Thanks for considering this…

We always (I think) use the wp_login_url function, which has a core WP hook. https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_login_url

You should be able to use that to setup redirects from wp-login.php to your special login pages. (The Customizr theme or whatever creates those login pages should probably do that.)

Or if you generally search for “redirecting wp-login.php to another page” or similar in Google, you should get some help on how to do that for WordPress.

(I’m not trying to deflect the question, but we try to use whatever login/etc system is already working in WP and so this is more of a WP question vs a PMPro one.)

It would be nice if you could set up a way to easily display what each membership has to offer with buttons below it.

What I truly and actually miss is the possibility to manage the page topic content. I mean I cannot control which fields are in each page and if I need to add a custom field there’s no way by the UI to add it.
For instance I need to add a custom field now mandatory for Italian law which is the Customer’s Tax Code (Codice Fiscale). That’s a problem because not always the user reply to my request of supplying it after he made the payment.
2-Important is the possibility to create a table of VAT related to countries, even this is a mandatory law for Europe sales. I’m not a developer so all things available with code manipulation is out of use for me. I don’t like to change your plugin for another at all.
Thanks for taking note of my suggestions/needs

I’mm not sure what your custom field question is.

We are working on a VAT addon to handle VAT taxes. It’s taking a while as that’s turning out to be a complicated process. But we’ll post the plugin to the blog when we’re done.

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