A Valentine for WordPress

WordPress, my love, ‘tis thee I adore
Come blog, come membership, or eCommerce store

Open-source OG, you stand out from the rest
Themes, plugins, and add ons – a community blessed!

Resplendently adorned or minimal in style
Your beauty is boundless – o’er millions beguiled

Dreams of developers, your form is unique
Complex possibilities, site possession to keep

Popular among such diverse industries
Integrations aplenty, with many for free

Robust capability, customizable, too
There aren’t many things we can’t fashion with you

Easy-to-use from beginner to pro
Whether building, designing, or learning to code

Scalable more than some all-in-one trends
Soon full site editing will come ‘round the bend

Site owners rejoice, give some credit online
To WordPress, my fair CMS valentine ❤️