Unlock the Secrets to a Thriving Membership Community

Transform your site with the Membership Accelerator Program—an immersive, self-paced learning experience.

If you want to connect to your customers and stand out from the rest of the pack, follow Palomino’s proven formula.

—David Meerman Scott, Bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Crafted by our esteemed mentor and marketing specialist, Jose Palomino, this program is your golden ticket to pinpointing and serving your ideal community. Dive deep into core strategies, sharpen your value proposition, and competitor-proof your offerings.

The full course shows you EXACTLY how to define your best core strategy, tighten your customer focus and create a razor-sharp Value Prop.

  • The program is NOT for you if you have the exact community you want already using and paying for access to your membership site.
  • The program is for you if you’re not yet “dialed in” to the community you want to serve and want to figure out how to connect with them and get more revenue from your site.

This is a free sample of the first lesson in the course. Purchase the full Membership Accelerator Program to access all 22 lessons and the Marketing Plan template.

Course Breakdown:

1. Define Your Core Strategy
Focus on selecting the right opportunities and developing approaches to harness them. Through lessons like “Problems vs. Desires” and “Differences That Matter,” you’ll learn to refine your business model, as exemplified by Paid Memberships Pro’s evolution.

2. Identify Your Ideal Customer
Understand who your best members are and how to reach them. Lessons cover topics such as “Personas” and “Your BEST Members,” guiding you to a clearer understanding of your target audience.

3. Sharpen Your Best Value Proposition 
Develop a unique selling proposition that resonates with your target audience. Lessons such as “Differentiation Dilemma” and “Value Prop Foundation” will help you craft a compelling message.

4. Competitor-Proof Your Offering
Learn strategies to distinguish your offerings in a crowded market. This includes understanding different pricing and business models, as well as positioning your product uniquely.

5. Sharpen Your Pricing
Gain insights into effective pricing strategies that reflect the value of your service and appeal to your target market.

6. Pull it All Together and Get Going!
Combine all the insights and strategies you’ve learned into a cohesive, actionable plan for your business.

Each lesson is crafted to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical tools. The full course includes a downloadable template for you to complete while moving through the lessons. By the end of the full course, you will have a complete Marketing Plan for your membership business.

Jose Palomino

Your Course Instructor

Jose Palomino

This is your chance to learn from our personal sales and marketing mentor Jose Palomino. The Membership Accelerator Program is a self-paced course with 18 lessons.

You’ll define in detail the community you want to serve so you create connections and make more revenue.

Jose’s lessons will help you analyze your customers and competition, so you can market your membership business more effectively.

Palomino clearly articulates a straightforward way to build and communicate a promise to a specific target audience—an essential exercise that is too often undervalued or overlooked entirely.

—Reed Cundiff, General Manager, Microsoft Corporation

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