Browse the member experience, from viewing a protected piece of content, through level selection, checkout, confirmation, and account management. Frontend pages use the default Paid Memberships Pro styles and Memberlite from the WordPress Themes Directory.

Membership Levels

Your levels page is the membership pricing page that displays subscription options. If you only have one level, you can bypass this page completely by following this guide. Use the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode Add On to get more layout and display options.

Membership Levels Page

Log In

The Log In page displays your user “log in” form and password reset features. You can optionally display a “Logged In” view of this block that shows the user’s display name, a log out link and the “Log In Widget” menu.

Log In Page

Membership Checkout

The checkout page appearance varies depending on your level pricing, gateway, custom fields, and any Add Ons you are using. This image shows a default checkout page for a paid level using the Stripe payment gateway.

Membership Checkout Page

Membership Confirmation

This page shows the confirmation message and details that are displayed after membership checkout.

Membership Confirmation Page

Membership Account

Members will use their account page as a hub for managing their subscriptions, editing their profile, changing password, as well as view past invoices and custom member links. Make this page a robust member dashboard by following our guide for popular types of membership site.

Membership Page

Member Profile Edit

Members can edit their first name, last name, display name, and email address. Custom user profile fields that are set to “profile” will also display on this form. Adding ?view=change-password to the URL will show a password update form for logged in users.

Membership Profile Edit Page

Membership Single Invoice

Members can view their past invoices and will see a link to print the invoice.

Membership Single Invoice Page

Membership All Invoices

Members can view a full list of all past invoices for their memberships from a single page. Each invoice can be selected and viewed in more detail.

Membership All Invoices Page

Billing Information

The Membership Billing page allows members to update their payment method for membership. This screenshot shows a shortened view of the page for a site that does not require billing address fields.

Membership Billing Page

Billing Information (full address)

The Membership Billing page allows members to update their payment method for membership. This screenshot shows a full view of the page for a site that requires billing address fields.

Membership Billing with Full Address Page

Cancel Membership

This page shows links for a member to cancel their membership or a link to return to the Membership Account page. If you are using the Multiple Memberships Per User Add On, the user will see a list of all active membership and can optionally cancel a single membership or cancel all memberships.

Membership Cancel Page

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