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WPKube: An Easy To Use, But Fully Loaded Membership Plugin

There’s a lot that goes into the initial creation of a WordPress membership site. But Paid Memberships Pro makes things as easy as they can be, so that even novice membership site owners can get through the process painlessly.

In all, Paid Memberships Pro is one of the top contenders when it comes to membership site platforms. And if you’re looking to create an extensive membership and hope to generate a lot of revenue, this platform has everything you could possibly need (plus some) to help you.

It’s also worth noting that since the development of Paid Memberships Pro, the team has never stopped making improvements. There’s a lot of competition out there when it comes to WordPress membership plugins. But Paid Memberships Pro continues to receive new updates to help you create a successful membership website.

Full review at Updated 9 May 2021

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CollectiveRay: Paid Memberships Pro has been around since 2010 and has evolved alongside WordPress to become one of the most fully-featured, user-friendly plugins around.

Paid Memberships Pro is one of those WordPress plugins that makes it easy to set up an initial membership website but includes much deeper levels of customisation if you need it. The core plugin covers the very basics while the free addons add more features.

In our time with it, we were able to create a membership website, configure content dripping, create tiered memberships and custom pages for different members. All without using any code.

Paid Memberships Pro is a well-produced, well-coded plugin that delivers maximum control over a subscription website and it is hard to think of a competitor that does it better.

Full review at Updated 4 February 2022

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Membership Geeks: A wide selection of features and functionality—some of which you simply won’t find in any other membership solution on the market today.

The ability to create member directories, have unique member homepages, offer gift memberships or enable members to sign up with their social media profiles – to name but a few of the types of add-ons available – gives you a wealth of flexibility in tailoring the plugin to best suit your needs.

Registration and checkout are slick, and at the end of the process members are provided with detailed information about their transaction with the option to print off an invoice.

The fact that you can customise all pages in this process is a definite plus, meaning you can add tailored welcome messages as well as select custom page templates for the checkout process.

One thing is for sure – the innovations coming from the Paid Memberships Pro camp have us very excited about the future of this plugin, and we’re eagerly watching to see what they do next.

Full review at Updated 16 December 2020

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BloggersIdeas: Paid Memberships Pro is a highly effective and intuitive WordPress plugin.

You are able to establish a membership site, set content dripping, create tiers of membership, and develop specific pages for certain members. All without the need for code.

The plugin itself is outstanding.

It is capable of accommodating a vast array of add-ons and performs every function admirably. Using the plugin and a few add-ons, it is possible to construct a truly unique subscription website.

Paid Memberships Pro is a well-made, well-coded plugin that provides full control over a membership website, and it is difficult to find a comparable alternative.

Full review at Updated 12 November 2022

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Chris Lema: The Number Of Available Add Ons For PMPro Is Staggering And Amazing, All at Once.

Let me make things really clear—Jason Coleman has been around for several years—providing a powerful plugin to those who are trying to build a membership site with WordPress. You don’t have to worry at all.

This plugin has a lot of features—created as add-ons rather than part of a super-large plugin. Some of the add-ons are free. But what I recommend (since the plugin is free) is that you purchase PMPro Plus because it gets you access to everything. And trust me, this is a lot of stuff, so when I say “everything” I really mean it.

Full review at Updated 12 August 2015

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Carolina Web Design: There are a bunch of options out there for Membership sites for WordPress, but we’ve found Paid Members Pro to be the best supported, the most reliable, and the most extensible.

In our 7 years of experience, we have always found a solution to meet a client’s need when it came to a membership customization. Whether it was a modified filter, hook, or CSS or a better alternative, Paid Memberships Pro was always there leading us.

The plugin works out of the box, is easy to setup with default and advanced settings. We have never had a case where the plugin didn’t work or stopped working.

PMPro also plays nice with other plugins. For developers, that’s a big deal.

Full review at Updated 25 September 2020

Carolina Web Design Paid Memberships Pro Review

Sammy Taylor: PMPro has become an automated income earner.

As a start-up, I love that I was able to build my digital document subscription site with a free version of Paid Membership Pro. It took a lot of the stress of finances away to see if this venture was a viable option and still create a working platform that could also accept payment.

When demand grew, I was able to upgrade to a higher package to really shape my site to suit my growing clientele. Having access to not only a plethora of amazing Add Ons, but also customer support, was truly a blessing.

I needed to cater for both individual educators as well as whole schools. I needed individuals to purchase memberships upfront before they were given access. Where as, I needed schools to be able to opt to pay by check (Pay by Check Add On) but not have access until invoiced (Approvals Add On). Schools were needing to buy accounts for all their staff members, and needed to be able to remove access if they changed employers (Groups Add On). Individuals needed the ability to upgrade their memberships without my assistance and not pay a whole new fee (Proration Add On).

I was able to reach out for support to edit a code to add tiered pricing discounts to my groups to encourage schools to add more seats (extra accounts) from the beginning.

It was important that my site securely blocks access to my download to non-members, but also encourages people to sign up. So I used Document Library Pro by Barn2 to allow me to showcase the document thumbnails and descriptors, but then Advanced Access Manager and PMPro Roles Add On allows me to restrict access to the actual download link. To access even my ‘free’ content, a free membership level is required so that I can use the Mailchimp Add On to collect registration details and send marketing to subscribers.

This is only the tip of the ice-berg and I know that I can trust PMP to grow with my business, instead of holding me bag due to being a tech newb.

PMPro has become an automated income earner. All I need to do is keep adding my digital resources and PMPro handles the rest.

—Sammy Taylor, Andrell Education. Updated July 2023

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