By design, does not share any usage data with plugin authors. Your data is exclusively owned, managed, and stored within your own WordPress site’s hosting environment and database.

Plugins like Paid Memberships Pro can be greatly improved when we are able to analyze anonymized data about how our plugin works for you. Usage tracking allows us to see how PMPro is meeting your needs—and where there are opportunities to improve our features.

Our primary goal is to create the best WordPress membership platform that enables you to create a thriving membership business.

With the release of Paid Memberships Pro 2.8, we added a feature that allows any site to opt in to usage tracking from within the WordPress admin. This tracking feature will send us information about the type of membership site you are building and how you have configured Paid Memberships Pro on your site.

By choosing to share this data, you’re helping us make PMPro better for everyone. Understanding how people are using PMPro create more helpful features, write better documentation, and make PMPro a more useful platform.

What We Track

We track anonymized, non-sensitive data about how your membership site is configured.

We do not track or store any personal data about your members, any payment information for your customers, or any content you have created on your membership site.

The specific data we track is outlined below:

  • General WordPress Information: We track the WordPress version, text direction,  default site language, administration email address, site title, and URL
  • Theme Information: We track the theme’s name and version
  • Server Data: We track your PHP version
  • Plugin Data: We track what other plugins are active for your membership site.
  • PMPro License Status: We track the license key and type of license stored for your membership site.
  • Membership Level Settings: We track the count of all membership levels. We also track the recurring billing amount set for each level and get a count of each by group (free – $0, under $10, under $25).
  • Add Ons Overview: We track information about the specific Add Ons you have installed by status (active, inactive, and update available).
  • Payment Gateway: We track general information about the payment gateways used by your membership site, including:
    • Payment Gateway: The name and environment (live or sandbox) for the active gateway
    • Currency: The selected currency for your membership site
    • Stripe Connect: If you are using Stripe, we track some information about how you have configured your Stripe settings, including:
      • Whether your site is using Stripe Connect or Legacy API Keys
      • The Stripe Connect environment—live or sandbox—if applicable
    • Other Payment Gateways: If you had previously configured additional payment gateways, we track the name of the old gateway information, such as ‘’ or ‘braintree’.
  • Membership Overview: We track the total number of member signups and cancellations (all time)
  • Orders Overview: We track the total number of orders (all time)
  • Advanced Settings: We track a few key advanced settings, including:
    • Is your membership site filtering protected content from searches and archives?
    • Is your membership site showing excerpts to non-members?
    • Does your membership site have spam protection enabled for Membership Checkout?