Paid Memberships Pro Reviews & Testimonials

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Paid Membership Pro is an excellent plugin with thorough articles and resources on customization and superb support.

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A very solid plugin backed by solid support.
I am impressed by support’s flexibility and great communication.

Like good developers, they ask the right questions and will clarify so that the solution provided is a solid one. I am glad to have chosen PMPro over other membership plugins. Highly recommended.

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Upgrading to the paid version is well worth it.
I love PMPro. Partially because the free version is plenty to get a membership site started (it’s an easy Minimum Viable Product). But mostly because upgrading to the paid version is well worth it.

The paid version provides a lot of Add Ons that let you tailor your membership site however you’d like it. And there are plenty of recipes (ie code snippets) to customize even further.

But they really won my trust & loyalty with their support, which is easily one of the best I’ve experienced in over 25 years online. I’ve asked some hard questions regarding their recipes and they’ve come through every time.

Unlike other support desks, I never get the feeling that they’re trying to get rid of me as quick as possible. I’ve worked on a help desk and we do try to reply as quickly & efficiently as possible. But I get the sense that PMPro’s support really like their jobs.

Of course, all membership sites are different, so a different plugin might be a better choice for a specific site & its needs. But with PMPro, you can give it a whirl for free and see if it makes sense for you.

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Recommended to anyone from beginner to experienced coders.
I tried MemberMouse and MemberPress and they both lacked critical features that I wanted for my member site.

PMPro has all the features I need (Social Login, ability to gift, multiple membership levels, works with BuddyPress) and more. I can easily customize to make it look great too.

If I have questions, which is often since I am a beginner in WordPress and know nothing about coding, they are quick to respond and always find a way for me to do exactly what I want. Super happy. Would recommend to anyone from beginner to experienced coders!

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The Paid Memberships Pro team are courteous, professional and always go out of their way to help provide timely support. Super grateful for your fantastic service!

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Great functionality, competitively priced, support is awesome.
I’ve been using PMPro for my customer’s website for over 5 years now. I love it because it provides great functionality, it’s very competitively priced and their support is awesome!

I consider myself quite experienced with WordPress and software development. Just now and then I run into a difficult problem that I can’t solve.

The PMPro support team have helped me out on a number of occasions, often looking into very complicated websites. So often Plugin vendors just bounce people off to talk to another Plugin vendor, or ask you to prove the issue exists on a test system with no other plugins activated before they will help you. This is very time consuming to do, and something impossible when the issue is intermittent.

The PMPro team have always been ready and willing to assist and have helped me to provider great solutions to my customers.

Thanks guys. You make me look awesome!

Nick Amis
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A very capable membership site.
I’ve been able to configure most of this myself, but definitely had some hangups due to some unusual membership renewal details.

The free tier is enough to build a very capable membership site, and have access to all of the open source extensions.

I did find a ton of value in becoming a paid subscriber as I got access to a ton of code recipes, and when I still needed help on top of those, support was extremely helpful.

Would definitely recommend.

Brendan Coffey
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Works even better than advertised.
I am busy setting up a complex membership site for a client and needed a lot of help getting up and running.

Each ticket that I logged was answered within 24 hours and every time they had a solution for me. they even helped me with some Avada Template questions.

I can highly recommend this plugin, it works even better than advertised and the support is excellent.

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PMPro has become an automated income earner.
All I need to do is keep adding my digital resources and PMPro handles the rest.

As a start-up, I love that I was able to build my digital document subscription site with a free version of Paid Membership Pro. It took a lot of the stress of finances away to see if this venture was a viable option and still create a working platform that could also accept payment.

When demand grew, I was able to upgrade to a higher package to really shape my site to suit my growing clientele. Having access to not only a plethora of amazing add-ons, but also customer support, was truly a blessing.

Sammy Taylor
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Download it. You won’t regret it.
I was looking at this plugin as my needs were pretty unique and this plugin needed to fit the bill. It turned out to be perfect with the one minor hiccup being that I wanted to extend this plugin’s functionality to non-WordPress pages.

When I posted to the forum, I was directed to the plugin’s documentation, which was very thorough, but I didn’t know PHP or understand the WordPress API. Could I have just hired someone to put it together for me? Sure, but I’m stubborn, so what did I do? I took a PHP intro course and a WordPress REST API intro course. After less than two weeks of dedicated study (and some time on Google), my non-WordPress pages were able to see the membership levels and I was able to create the appropriate conditions for user access.

Why do I mention this? Because if I, as a total programming and WordPress noob, can figure it out then that says a lot about how good the quality of the documentation is for this plugin.

If you understand WordPress and have some PHP, you will benefit greatly from this plugin and its ease of integration.

This plugin is also actively managed with helpful, attentive support and it is my honest opinion that as far as paid membership plugins go, this one is the absolute best.

Download it. You won’t regret it.

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Awesome product and support.
I’ve been using PMPro for a few years. It is constantly being perfected with updates, new features, fixes and integrations.

I recently had a desire to modify the TEXT on a button generated by PMPRO login shortcode. I tried Google, ChatGPT and some other plugin ideas (none of which worked the way I wanted).

Since it was just the text I wanted to change (and not the functionality), it dawned on me to submit a ticket at the PMPro site. That afternoon, I had my solution and it worked perfectly.

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Excellent Product, Fantastic Support, Perfect with BuddyBoss
What amazed me the most was the fantastic response from the tech support. I had an issue which was not a bug, but was a specific detail I needed for my membership levels to work exactly how I wanted. I reached out to support and they immediately provided me with some custom-made code snippets.

Tech support is usually only required to help with bugs and things that aren’t working properly. In my case, they were going above and beyond what was required of them to help me out…which is a really refreshing thing to see in today’s modern world of business where tech support is often slow and minimal.

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Outstanding Membership Plugin

I couldn’t say what’s better, the plugin or the level of support. Both are on the highest possible level.

Regarding the plugin, it’s brilliantly coded and very easy to manage. So far, in the last five years, PMPro has worked like a Swiss clock. Highly recommended.

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Outstanding Support
I don’t know if there are better membership plugins out there, but I very much doubt any have better support.

The PMPro team are always friendly, helpful, and technically brilliant.

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Best Support Ever
The real strength of this project is the technical support—the quality of support and customer care.

I have been using this great plugin for years and they have never let me down. In case of bugs, they can take care of the request in a very short time. Really marvelous.

Rocco Palmitesta
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Even a tech noob can get a passive income with PMPro!
I’m a tech noob, but PMPro still makes it possible for people like me to successfully handle payment processing automatically so that I now have a passive income. Awesome plugin with a LOT of functionality, even in the free version!

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Let me make things really clear—Jason Coleman has been around for several years—providing a powerful plugin to those who are trying to build a membership site with WordPress. You don’t have to worry at all.

This plugin has a lot of features—created as add-ons rather than part of a super-large plugin. Some of the add-ons are free. But what I recommend (since the plugin is free) is that you purchase PMPro Plus because it gets you access to everything. And trust me, this is a lot of stuff, so when I say “everything” I really mean it.

Chris Lema
Mike Morrison Headshot

A wide selection of features and functionality—some of which you simply won’t find in any other membership solution on the market today.

Registration and checkout are slick, and at the end of the process members are provided with detailed information about their transaction with the option to print off an invoice.

The fact that you can customise all pages in this process is a definite plus, meaning you can add tailored welcome messages as well as select custom page templates for the checkout process.

One thing is for sure: the innovations coming from the Paid Memberships Pro camp have us very excited about the future of this plugin, and we’re eagerly watching to see what they do next.

Mike MorrisonMembership Geeks
Jkieth Headshot

I’ve been using Paid Memberships Pro for nearly a decade now and it is an amazing product if you’re using WordPress for a membership site. Their support is excellent and they are always quick to respond and informative. Highly recommend!

Mongrel Avatar

UPDATE: Years later, I am STILL in love with this membership solution! Streamlined, tons of features. Just so well-designed. THANK YOU PMP!

LOVE PMP! Not only am I in complete control of the set-up, I feel that it draws in a certain type of supporter who doesn’t want to go through crowd-funding sites. Great job developing an awesome system!

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Excellent Product, Fantastic Support, Perfect with BuddyBoss
Three weeks ago my brother had to close his gym due to coronavirus. We got to work right away on a home workout platform using Paid Memberships Pro in combination with LearnDash to sell memberships.

We wanted the membership to be paid on a weekly basis as new courses are released. PMPro allowed us to create weekly subscriptions in Stripe with a 14-day free trial. So instead of having to manage access or sales for individual courses in LearnDash, we were able to sell weekly memberships through the Paid Memberships Pro Integration that granted access to all courses.

Thank you to everyone at Paid Memberships Pro for making a membership solution available to the WordPress Community at times like these.

Kevin Hoffman
Roberto Corvaglia Headshot

Excellent plugin. The ideal solution for managing the payment of renewal registrations and new registrations.

The plugin allows you to prepare content only for members and other useful services for members.

The main advantages are:
1) a rich catalog of useful Add Ons,
2) the support service that responds quickly with highly trained technical staff,
3) open source.

Roberto Corvaglia
Sara Bigatti Headshot

PMPro is the best way to protect your content and provide a smooth experience for your users.
We are a yoga video streaming company that offers monthly and annual memberships. Our customer base has grown 10x thanks to the membership power and versatility of PMPro.

It was a breeze to integrate PMPro with the dozens of official and third-party Add Ons.

Sara BigattiLa Scimmia Yoga
Joe Casabona Headshot

After trying a bunch of different solutions for my online course membership, it became pretty obvious that Paid Memberships Pro was the best choice.

PMPro provides a winning combination: Ease of use and flexibility to create features that I didn’t see in any other membership plugin or platform.

Joe CasabonaPodcast Coach and Educator

Fast and Effective Support
You measure the plugins and software not by how well it works on a good day, but how good the support is to help you on a bad day.

I logged a support ticket and within a day had the answer to my problem, which saved me hours of config changes and testing. Great plugin the paid version is very worth the cost, one happy client!

Nick Amis Testimonial

Paid Memberships Pro has made it possible to create a wide range of solutions for our customers. The platform enables us to build solutions at low cost that are highly flexible to meet all customer requirements no matter how complex.

Nick AmisEntapris
Greg Robins

Excellent Product, Fantastic Support, Perfect with BuddyBoss
We migrated away from expensive SaaS products and settled on PMPro as our membership tool. As an association of more than 4,000 members, we wanted an elegant solution that would allow us to restrict content, manage memberships, and integrate with a variety of other WordPress plugins for Events, CRM, and LMS.

The migration was easy and doing custom dev has been smooth and seamless.

Greg RobinsBeautyCouncil • BeautySafe • BCBA
Richard Bridger

I run a personal training business and have created my own WordPress website that allowed me to recruit and manage my fitness-focused clients. Paid Memberships Pro has created a really easy and hassle-free plugin to configure and manage memberships and recurring payments on my site. Using PMPro’s simple membership format has eliminated the pain point of having to manually process payments each month, making both the trainer and clients’ lives much easier.

Richard BridgerActive Goals
Andrew Spiers

My team at Lens Digital and I developed The Only Card membership website and needed a way to sell a subscription and manage user profiles. Paid Membership Pro was the ideal solution. The bulk of this was achieved using custom PHP code (via snippets) built on top of PMPro.

Andrew SpiersOnly Card
Marisa Wilson

I used PMPro to help a client create their dream membership golf fitness site. I found the plugin incredibly easy to use and easy to customize where I needed. I was also impressed with the easy Stripe gateway setup and Mailchimp integration.

Marisa WilsonFleisher Tour Fit
Robert Wilkins Testimonial

Out of the box, Paid Memberships Pro offers the basic tools to get started on a membership site. With some advanced settings and a merchant account, you can turn your site into an Ecommerce site. If the Add Ons don’t fit your needs, the team behind the forum on the PMPro website can show even more ways to reach specific customization. Their support is top of the line and their ticket system is incredibly useful. In our 7 years of experience, we have always found a solution to meet a client’s need when it came to membership customization.

Robert WilkinsCarolina Web Design
James Wonder from The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club

The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Club (founded in 1972) made the transition from a previous website platform to WordPress.

Paid Memberships Pro was the key to making this possible.

We have a very active forum that needed to be converted to phpBB and a full membership management system. I could easily use hooks and filters to customize the plugin for our needs. This made building the WordPress member, billing, and self-service interfaces quick and easy with very little help from the wonderful staff at PMPro.

James WonderThe Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Club
Devesh Sharma

Paid Memberships Pro is one of the top contenders when it comes to membership site platforms. If you’re looking to create an extensive membership and hope to generate a lot of revenue, this platform has everything you could possibly need to help you.

Matthew from How to Play the Sax

Online saxophone lessons to students young, old, and in between, all over the world.
Paid Memberships Pro and Divi make up the two crucial components of my website. By using PMPro I can provide my online saxophone lessons as an ongoing membership or as a stand-alone course.

PMPro makes this all relatively easy for me. With all software and new things, there is a learning curve. However, once it’s set up and running it becomes easier the more you use it.

MatthewHow to Play the Sax
Lucca D from Owoa Martial Arts

Paid Memberships Pro has been a valuable asset managing our members on my martial arts academy and providing them with access to instructional courses based on their membership level. Also, it’s great I can see how often they are using it.

Lucca D
Tony Pascale

I have been playing with other membership plugins but none of them were able to make me happy or work properly. Some didn’t offer much flexibility and upon trying Paid Memberships Pro I can now protect my sites’ content to non-subscribers. I use PMPro for all my payment sites.

Tony PascaleAbove The Firehouse Podcast
Craig Stocks

I own a subscription website that offers model poses for use by painters and sculptors. This business wouldn’t be possible without PMPro and its extensive options to control access. The PMPro staff has been very responsive, and I’m happy to recommend this solution to anyone in need of a subscription solution.

Craig Stocks
David Attard

Paid Memberships Pro is a well-produced, well-coded plugin that delivers maximum control over a subscription website and it is hard to think of a competitor that does it better.

David AttardCollectiveRay
Alex Cowles

I was initially worried about the level of complexity PMPro had, and whether it would do everything I needed it to, but it was simple to set up (with my limited Wordpress knowledge) and easy to customise, plus the support offered when I upgraded my subscription and everything I got access to in the forum was well worth it.

Alex Cowles
Bret Phillips

Paid Memberships Pro is the easiest membership tool for WordPress if you want to start taking payments immediately with little hassle. Setup is quick and the documentation is thorough when required, but I have not found much outside of the available add-ons that I need.

Bret PhillipsSideways8
Rob Schwartz

Paid Memberships Pro took my classroom website and allowed me to turn it into a business. I was able to get started in just a month or two, and now have 500,000 visitors monthly from all over the world, generating a healthy supplement to my job at the school. Paid Memberships Pro makes it so easy, I can generate twice my teacher’s pay in just my free time after school!

Rob SchwartzACA Test Prep
David McClellan

Paid Memberships Pro has allowed us to build a scalable solution for our subscription site. We don’t have to think about the smaller details because the plugin and team at Paid Memberships Pro has done that for us. This has saved me development time and costs and has allowed us to build something that we’re really proud of and has allowed us to build a real business upon.

David McClellan
Kyle Lambert

I was a bit hesitant to use a WordPress plugin for a membership site but Paid Membership Pro was one of the best decisions we made in starting my wife’s online fitness site. The plugin allowed us quickly set up signups, payments, emails, membership maintenance and more.

Not only did it save us hundreds of development hours but it scaled well too. It really helped us jump start her business! The support is wonderful. This is definitely a well maintained product that you can trust.

Kyle LambertFit Tutor
Iwan Pieterse

Paid Memberships Pro has taken our business to the next level. Thanks to your awesome product we were able to scale our design agency and open a design studio. We’ve just upgraded to a PMPro Plus account and look forward to all the new content we now have access to.

Iwan PieterseWe Manage Your Site
Joseph Hinson

I used Wishlist Member for years, and Paid Memberships Pro is now my go to membership software for WordPress. It is truly open source and from what I can tell, endlessly customizable. I implement a lot of membership systems and so far, this has been the most enjoyable one to use and setup. The seamless integration with Stripe, easy to setup membership pages, and the fact that Jason and the team share code snippets proactively to members makes using this plugin a terrific experience. Even if you’re not a developer like me, the premium access to forums and recipes are guaranteed to save you development cost for any customization you need. My only regret is that I didn’t start using it sooner.

Joseph Hinson
Gary Sands

I discovered Paid Memberships Pro whilst looking for something to integrate with the LearnDash LMS. I’m really pleased with your how your plugin works and look forward to using it on future sites. Thanks for your generosity in releasing such a great piece of software.

Gary Sands
Myles English

We looked at several other membership plugins and PMPro was the clear winner. We needed something that could be highly customized and PMPro was the only answer. The add-on library has been a big help as well. Every time we want to implement some new membership features, chances are they’re already done and are just a couple clicks away from being implemented.

Myles EnglishMy Guitar Pal
Jonathan Perez

I’ve tried a handful of other “Top” rated plugins but PMPro was definitely the easiest to implement. Everything worked as it was supposed to. That bundled with the fact that it’s free!! I don’t think you can beat it. I paid for additional support, and it was well worth it. The add-ons, plus the fact that you can use native WP plugins to add more functionality make this plugin truly worth using.

Jonathan PerezGetting to $30k
Lisa League

No other membership plugin is as customizable as Paid Memberships Pro. I’m able to help my members move forward in their careers by designing a site around their needs – not around the capabilities of the plugin.

Lisa LeagueQpractice
John Andres

I am not a developer, but I found it very easy to set up different membership levels and membership charges. PMPro is very flexible. I would recommend this application (plugin) as a perfect solution to website owners building a paid membership clientele.

John Andres
Arp Laslo

PMPro is the plugin that has changed the way I do business. PMPro’s ample developer documentation made it all pretty easy for me, and I can’t wait to find out what features are added next!

Arp LaszloSunrise Pro Websites