Overriding The Default Membership Maps Error Message

Learn how you can override the Paid Memberships Pro Membership Maps error message with this code recipe. In most cases, you won’t need to remove this message. However, you may want to remove this if you are experiencing any undesirable effects because of this error message.

maps error message

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PMPro Update 2.4.2

Paid Memberships Pro Update 2.4.2 is out with a handful of bug fixes and enhancements.

Several updates have been made to the PMPro REST API endpoints. In addition to fixing a few open issues, we have also made the REST API more secure by requiring appropriate user capabilities to access even the read-only (GET) endpoints. This is a good improvement, but also could break integration that was set up under the assumption that some of these endpoints had public access.

How to enable debugging on your WordPress site.

Enable Debugging on Your WordPress SiteIs your site no longer working? Has your WordPress site been replaced with a blank white screen, the infamous White Screen of Death? Is your site telling you “There has been a critical error on the website?” Maybe you are experiencing styling issues, your footer is not loading correctly, or you are having a tough time checking out of your site. This is not unique to Paid Memberships Pro and can occur on any website, using any theme or any plugin(s). Knowing what is causing the problem can give you or a developer the relevant information needed to help fix these issues.

Whatever the reason, this article will explain how to enable debugging mode in WordPress to uncover any PHP errors or warning messages that are on your site.