Restrict Checkout for Users with a History of Refunds

Let’s face it, dealing with refunds is an unavoidable part of your membership business. Some number of your refunds will be from legitimate users that realize they do not need or want your membership any more.

Some refunds, though, may be from abusive users who know that they can sign up, consume your membership product (whether that’s support, premium content or guides, downloads and more), then cancel and request a refund right away. If you are seeing this become a widespread problem, check out the code recipes below.

Customize the Membership Checkout Confirmation Email for Membership Renewals

This code recipe allows you to send a custom email template for members who renew their membership. The email replaces the standard checkout template a first time member would have received (i.e. checkout_paid.html or equivalent). A list of all default email templates is available here.

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