How to Copy and Paste Custom PHP Recipes

WordPress, your theme, and your site’s plugins offer a wide range of recipes to extend and enhance core functionality. These methods often rely on a working knowledge of PHP.

This post will help non-developers using WordPress that want to do a bit more to customize their site. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what HTML is, what PHP is, how to safely copy and paste recipes into your site, and how to fix things if anything goes wrong.

Troubleshooting Uncaught Exception: ‘Stripe needs the Multibyte String PHP extension’

If you’re integrating with Stripe and running into an error with the words “Uncaught Exception”, see below for how to resolve. Ask your host to enable ‘multibyte string PHP extension’ This particular error is between Stripe and your hosting configuration. You should follow up with your host to have the “multibyte string PHP extension” installed. (more…)