The Group Discount Codes Add On allows you to better manage grouped discount codes or large numbers of unique discount codes with the same pricing.

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How it Works

Adds the ability to create a single ‘parent’ discount code and bulk generate ‘child’ codes with the same settings. The parent code controls all of the pricing, expiration, allowed levels, etc. Once saved, each of the sub codes will act as if they have the same settings as the main code.

This is useful for bulk mailing, newsletters, or participation in a Groupon-type program.

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  1. Install and activate ‘pmpro-group-discount-codes’.
  2. Go to Memberships > Discount Codes.
  3. Create a new discount code.
  4. Under “Group Codes” enter one unique code per line (these can be auto-generated with any random string generator or in a spreadsheet program).
  5. Set the pricing per level that the group of codes will apply to.
  6. The “parent” code should be kept private with unlimited uses.
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Hello, is it possible I show the discount field on the [pmpro_signup] page?, if yes, how?, if no, is there any other way to do that?

There are a few action hooks in the signup shortcode output that would allow you to loop in custom fields. That said, I do not know that adding a discount code field in this way would work because the code in the checkout template is applied by Javascript. You or your developer would need to test this out and it will possibly require extended development.


We recently added the “Group Discount Codes “add on. Unfortunately, it looks like we can only use each discount code once when using this add-on.

We are looking for a way to quickly create numerous discount codes, that all have the same setup/settings. Each of these discount codes should have unlimited uses.

Can you please let us know what is the recommended way to do that and if there is a plugin/add on that accomplishes this?

Currently it takes several minutes to setup a discount code manually, and we have over 180 writers that we want to create these for with unlimited use on each discount code.

Thank you.


#1, Is it ok to offer 100% discount coupon?
#2, If I offer 100% discount coupon, How can I track the coupon usage records?

thank you

Hello. I want to create 300 codes, each one good for a one-year subscription to my website. I would like the one-year period to beging when the code is activated by a new subscriber, NOT when I create the code. Is that how it works? In other words, does the one-year timer begin when I create the code, or when it is entered by the user? Thank you.

Hi there,

The start date and expiration date that you see in the screenshot is that of the discount code itself. Once you click on the Membership Level checkbox an accordion will open up with settings of the pricing and expiration of the membership level. If you set the expiration of this setting to “1 Year(s)” then the users membership should expire one year after being activated.

Hope this helps!

I want to send my email list, 1 code to be used once, per customer. Would I send the parent code for this? What if I need an unlimited number of child codes, to only be used once per customer?

If you want the codes to be unique to each member, you would need to generate then export/copy out all the codes. You’d need to build a spreadsheet to be used to import into your email program of the user email > user code. It really depends on what email marketing program you are using.

Alternately, you can just create a single code and use the method in this post to restrict it to one-time use per member: This method isn’t as “secure” but surely a lot simpler.


can you automatically generate a discount code for certain levels?

That is, a “father” subscribes to a paid level and automatically receives N discount code to give the “children” who will sign up for free.

Is a solution like this one possible?



I have a pre-sell question: if I create a code with a group of 100 codes, how do I check if a single “child” code is been used?

Good question. There is no admin report that will give you this, but the data is in the wp_pmpro_discount_codes_uses table and could be found and displayed that way. Feel free to post something in our member forums, and mention I sent you from this comment. We should be able to give you some code or update our plugin so you can see that info. Better discount code reporting is on our list of things to look into. So please suggest how you’d expect things to work and we can take that into consideration. Thanks.

[…] The second option is to create an individual discount code for each user. For the second option, you’ll need to use our Group Discount Codes Add on. With this add on, you generate discount codes as usual to control the price adjustment, but then you can generate a list of random one time use codes to apply that discount. This is useful if you are running a promotion via a site like Groupon. […]

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