With Paid Memberships Pro, you can create discount codes in order to give your customers special deals and offers, and convert more sales. And with a little extra code, you can customize discount codes even further that the basics.

The core Paid Memberships Pro plugin includes robust discount code features out of the box. But there may come a time when you want to do additional things like:

  • Hide or show discount code fields
  • Restrict a discount code to a single use
  • Require a discount code
  • Create separate discount codes for each member of a group

This post covers the most commonly-used adjustments and customizations for our discount code features—some advanced and some not so advanced. If you’re looking for general support on discount codes, see our Discount Codes documentation page.

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1. Discount Code SEO

If you have at least one discount code created in PMPro, a discount code field will show up on the checkout form.

Having a discount code field on your checkout page encourages customers who may not already know of a discount code to go search for one. If you can spare a small public discount code, it’s a good idea to have a page on your site called “My Site Discount Code” that should surge to the top of Google searches, bringing those customers back to your site.

Five dollars or a 5% discount (or more) could be a small price to pay to attract those deal-loving members.

2. Hide the Discount Code Field

Want to protect your site from DCFOMO (discount code fear of missing out)? If discounts aren’t a part of your everyday sales strategy, consider hiding the field entirely.

Screenshot of membership checkout with showing the discount code option.
Screenshot of membership checkout with showing the discount code option.

3. Always Show the Discount Code Field

Do you require discount codes for membership checkout? Or do you have a large percentage of your members using codes during registration? Here’s a quick CSS snippet to always show this field at the top of your Membership Checkout page.

4. One-time Discount Codes

With default PMPro settings, the same user can use a Discount Code multiple times.

PMPro includes a setting for number of code “uses” that restricts the code’s total count of uses across all customers. Navigate to Memberships > Settings > Discount Codes to access these settings. A code with 5 uses could be used by 5 different customers or the same customer 5 times.

  • Here is an article explaining how to set it up so that certain discount codes can only be used once by each member. This code won’t keep someone from creating a new account under a different email address in order to use a discount code twice, but we generally advise against trying to block this or any of the stricter discount code checks. You may catch someone taking advantage of your discounts, but you also risk losing members this way or hassling people who are just signing up a friend or relative with their own address or credit card/etc.

5. Require a Discount Code

Sometimes you might have a membership level that you want to close off from the public.

6. Group Discount Codes

If you have a large number of people you’d like to give discount codes to, you have a couple options.

Other Helpful Discount Code Recipes

If you’d like to send out bulk emails and newsletters or run a Groupon-type promotion, you should consider upgrading to our Plus plan, which includes the Group Discount Codes Add On and 29 other high-impact Plus Add Ons. All of our plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked.

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