For over a decade, the Paid Memberships Pro team has innovated and excelled. We’ve mastered not just our plugin but also the nuances of running a successful membership business.

Beyond the lines of code, our journey has been full of lessons, insights, and ‘aha’ moments related to running a membership business. We’ve learned the value of understanding your audience, the art of content repurposing, the significance of community, and so much more.

And it’s this amassed wisdom that we’re eager to share with you. The ‘nuggets’ in this collection offer a clear insight to inspire or challenge you. We’ve aggregated our favorite insights in a way that benefits both newcomers and veterans in the subscription business.

Regardless of your platform, I hope that this mini MBA of accumulated knowledge can help you elevate your business or unlock a blocker.


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Cover image from ebook 29 Nuggets of Wisdom Volume 1 - Sample Collection