This guide walks you through installing and configuring Paid Memberships Pro for your WordPress site.

If you follow all of the advice and instructions in this document, your final site will include the following:

  • A complete membership site that is ready to launch with free or paid membership levels and protected content.
  • Custom user fields configured to capture useful information about your members.
  • Seamless ongoing recurring payments powered by Paid Memberships Pro.


Complete the form below to get the download link via email. This setup guide is packed with the specific steps you need to launch your membership and build your business.

Topics Covered in the Guide

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisites: Planning Your Membership Site
  • Step 1. Install Paid Memberships Pro
  • Step 2. Add a New Membership Level
  • Step 3. Set Up Frontend Pages
  • Step 4. Payment Gateway & SSL Settings
  • Step 5. Email Settings
  • Step 6. Email Templates
  • Step 7. User Fields
  • Step 8. Advanced Settings
  • Step 9. You’re Done—Now go test it!
  • Additional Resources
Cover Image for PDF How to Set Up Paid Memberships Pro