Add a Locked Post Message Image Overlay on Protected Content

Help visitors easily identify your premium content and prompt them to upgrade when browsing your posts.

This code recipe uses CSS to overlay a message on the featured images for a members-only post. If the user does not have membership to view that content, the message is shown on top of the featured image in your WordPress site like the sample screenshot below.

This content requires a premium membership plan.

Add Locked Post Message Image Overlay Code Recipe

Add a Member Directory Search Anywhere In Your Membership Site

This code recipe demonstrates how to add a new [pmpro_member_search] shortcode that searches members listed in your directory. You can build a directory and frontend profiles for your members using the Member Directory and Profile Pages Add On for Paid Memberships Pro.

Once the recipe is loaded in your site’s customizations, you can place the shortcode in any widget area or post. To protect member search by membership level, be sure to nest the shortcode within the Require Membership shortcode or block.

This content requires a premium membership plan.

Member Directory Search Add to Site

Fade Out Text When Previewing Premium Content

Have you seen those flashy premium content sites where the preview content is blurred and fades out? This is a great visual cue to show readers there is MORE to read—after they subscribe.

This tooltip shows you a bit of CSS that will blur and fade the excerpt of members-only content. Visitors and users without access will see a portion of the introductory text, then are prompted to sign up with the appropriate non-member message.

Banner graphic for custom CSS tooltip to blur and fade excerpt on premium content preview

Use Legacy API Keys with the Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe Connect is now the default and preferred method to connect your Stripe account with your Paid Memberships Pro site.

Some sites, however, may be required to use the API Key method to set up the Stripe Gateway. This guide demonstrates how to use the pmpro_stripe_show_legacy_keys_settings filter to add back the settings fields for Publishable Key and Secret Key.

Banner for the Code Recipe Guide to Enable Legacy API Key Settings Field for Stripe in PMPro

Remove ConvertKit Subscriber Tags on Membership Level Change

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that offers robust tools for automation and subscriber tagging. In this recipe, we demonstrate how to adjust the integration’s default settings related to subscriber tag updates on membership level change.

This content requires a premium membership plan.

Remove ConvertKit tags from subscribers after all membership level changes.

Include Current Free Members With a Past Paid Level in the Filtered Members List View

When a member cancels or expires, they are shown on the Members List when filtering by Cancelled, Expired, or Old Members. Some membership sites, though, are set up to downgrade paid members to a free level on cancellation or expiration. For these sites, members with a previous paid level are not considered old, cancelled, or expired anymore.

Admins may still want to see those users on the “Old Members” list, highlighting the members for a win-back campaign to resubscribe to a paid membership. This code does that.

This content requires a premium membership plan.

Banner graphic for Include Members With a Previous Paid Level in Cancelled and Old Members List

Set the Member’s Display Name to Username at Membership Checkout

Correctly displaying your member’s name on your membership site can have a big impact. Imagine displaying a formal name when subtle privacy is needed. This code recipe will allow you to set your member’s default display name to their username.

This content requires a premium membership plan.

How to Send Your Sponsored or Group Members Discount Code to Zapier

Automate your Sponsored or Group members discount code process by sending it through to Zapier. Once sent you can use this data with other apps and programs to utilize the discount code more efficiently.

This content requires a premium membership plan.

Display Linked Child Accounts on the Sponsor/Parent Member’s Directory Profile Page

Display a group of members, both the parent member as well as the child accounts, together on your membership directory page. This is a unique solution if you want to display a team of members on your membership site.

This content requires a premium membership plan.