Do you have something you want members to know about before they click the ‘Submit and Checkout’ button on your checkout page? Use this code recipe to insert some text, HTML or both before the button.

About the Recipe

This code recipe will enable you to add text/HTML immediately before the Submit and Checkout button located on the Paid Memberships Pro Checkout page. This is a great way to add a little bit of important information that you want your soon to be members to know about.

If you are thinking of using this to display your Terms and Conditions to members, please see our default Terms of Service feature found under the Advanced Settings of the plugin.

The Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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Comments (6)


I’ve added the code and now have the message:

‘Hello! This will add some information to your site for you’

Please could you tell me how I actually add the text I want to display?

Hi @boostin6,

You can change the code that is found next to the “echo” and in the single quotation marks. If this is a bit overwhelming to do (making a mistake may lead to an error coming up on your screen).

Send us an email requesting the words you want to display and I will adjust the code for you.

Hi Travis,

I sent you an email using the link above.

I have noticed that the default message ‘Hello! This will add some . . .’ has been removed.

Is there something more I should be doing my end?


This doesn’t really solve the GDPR requirements. We need to add a radio button EU customers must check with the added copy getting their consent. We also have to store that documentation of that consent. Where is this information to be compliant???

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