Encourage existing members to upgrade to a higher priced level by offering a discount that is unique to them – no discount code required.

About the Recipe

This code recipe was recently developed for one of our Plus Members.  The member was in the process of launching a new membership level and wanted to encourage their current members to make the upgrade to the new membership level by offering a unique discount that can only be seen or used by the current members of their site. The current members would not need to use a discount code to apply for the deal. All they would need to do is select the new membership level and confirm their subscription by checking out of the site.

For those who are looking to simply offer upgrading members the chance to pay the difference between their current and new level, have a look at our Proration Add-On.

Note: This code recipe will not change the amount that is seen on the Membership Level Page of your site and the discounted price will only be seen once on the checkout page. Make sure to communicate this effectively to your members to avoid confusion.

Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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I was able to use this recipe to change the initial payment but it isn’t changing the recurring amount even though I have it setup correctly. I also was wondering if it’s possible to expire the offer. I would like to have certain levels upgrade to the next level for 50% off for 12 months.

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