The Memberships > Settings > Advanced Settings admin page allows you to control other customization settings for your Paid Memberships Pro site.

Configure Advanced Settings for Your Membership Site

From the dashboard, go to Memberships > Settings and select Advanced Settings.

  1. Restrict Dashboard Access:
    • WordPress Dashboard: Choose whether to block all users with the Subscriber role from accessing the Dashboard.
    • WordPress Toolbar: Choose to hide the Toolbar from all users with the Subscriber role.
  2. Message Settings:
    • Message for Logged-in Non-members: Change the message shown when a logged-in non-member tries to access members-only content.
    • Message for Logged-out Users: Change the message shown when a site visitor tries to access members-only content.
    • Message for RSS Feeds: Change the message shown for members-only content in your site’s RSS feed.
  3. Content Settings:
    • Filter searches and archives? Optionally hide members-only content from appearing in an archive view (category, tag, author, etc.) or in search results.
    • Show Excerpts to Non-Members? Select whether to show or hide excerpts to logged out visitors or non-members. It’s a good idea to show excerpts on member pages as a teaser for new members to sign up and keep reading or for SEO to index a portion of your content.
  4. Checkout Settings:
    • Require Terms of Service on signups? If you have a Terms of Service page on your site, select it in the dropdown here. This will add a box on your checkout page containing the TOS content and require the registrant to accept your terms prior to registration.
    • Enable Spam Protection? Enable to block IPs from checkout if there are more than 10 failures within 15 minutes.
    • Use reCAPTCHA?: Requiring a credit card is the best spam prevention. To have more protection, turn on reCAPTCHA for all levels.
  5. Communication Settings:
    • Notifications: Notifications are occasionally shown on the Paid Memberships Pro settings pages. You can set this to show all notifications or only security notifications.
    • Activity Email Frequency: Specify how often you would like to receive sales and revenue updates from this site to the administration email address.
  6. Other Settings:
    • Hide Ads From Members? If you are running ads on your site, you can hide them for members (note that this requires additional configuration).
    • Uninstall PMPro on deletion? To delete all PMPro data from the database, set to Yes, deactivate PMPro, and then click to delete PMPro from the plugins page.
    • Note that any settings added by other plugin will be added here.
  7. Save Settings

Video Demo: Configure Advanced Settings

Screenshot: Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings Admin Page for Paid Memberships Pro WordPress Plugin
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