Redirect the PayPal IPN for PMPro to WooCommerce

Are you using both Paid Memberships Pro and WooCommerce together with PayPal? You might want to redirect the PayPal IPN for PMPro to WooCommerce to ensure no missing payment data is lost. This code recipe will allow you to do that.

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What Is A Membership Site, and is it Right for You?

If you’ve ever searched the internet for some niche-content, whether for entertainment or educational purposes, then there are pretty high chances you’ve landed on some “resource hub” requiring that you sign up either for a free or paid subscription. That ideally is a membership site. 

But what’s so special about membership sites, and why is it becoming a trend for both businesses and customers? We’ve highlighted all you need to know in this article. 

What is a membership site and is it the right fit for you?

Overriding The Default Membership Maps Error Message

Learn how you can override the Paid Memberships Pro Membership Maps error message with this code recipe. In most cases, you won’t need to remove this message. However, you may want to remove this if you are experiencing any undesirable effects because of this error message.

maps error message

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Troubleshooting Guide: Members Not Being Added to MailChimp

The Paid Memberships Pro Mailchimp Integration Add On allows your members to be subscribed to a Mailchimp list of your choice when they sign up for a membership. This guide will help you troubleshoot members that aren’t successfully subscribed to your chosen Mailchimp list.


How the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners (VBMWMO) Club Use PMPro

Owning a vintage BMW motorcycle is a big deal. That’s exactly the case of Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners (VBMWMO), who run a membership site where they publish bespoke articles and magazines to inspire and preserve their old-school culture.

In this showcase, we explore how VBMWMO Club is using Paid Membership Pro to manage memberships, forums, and magazine subscriptions.  

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Membership Site

Add Gamification to your Membership Site

Game-based features or “gamification” is a great way to stimulate member engagement and improve retention statistics. This article takes you through the ways you can incentivize participation in a membership site through gamification.

In this article we will be covering the following topics: Awarding Points and Setting up a Reward Program | Creating Competition for Status | Gamification Integrations for Paid Memberships Pro

Add gamification to your membership site

How to Restrict Self-Hosted Videos

In this article, we will dive into the world of self-hosted videos. We will show you how you can lock down, hide, or restrict self-hosted videos from non-members. Allowing you to save your best video content for your active members.

restrict self-hosted videos

Restrict Videos With Vimeo

Did you know that you can use Vimeo to restrict your video content and build a member-only video library? In this guide, we will cover a couple of key points to get you started on your journey to restrict videos with Vimeo.

Restrict videos with vimeo
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How to Restrict Videos with YouTube and WordPress

Our members often ask us for more information on the best ways to restrict or hide video content on their membership site. Since there are a variety of ways you can do this with Paid Memberships Pro we decided to write a few guides outlining a few of the more popular methods to lock down videos for members only. In this guide, we will discuss how to restrict videos with YouTube for your membership site.

restrict videos with youtube
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How to Add Code to WordPress Membership site: Code Snippets plugin

As a site owner, you might have come across specific customizations you need for your Paid Memberships Pro powered website. These customizations are usually found in a code recipe format from PMPro blog posts or provided by our Support Team. In this post, we will be showing you how to add code to a WordPress Membership site by using the Code Snippets Plugin.

How to add code to WordPress Code snippets plugin