Black Friday: Get Out Of The Red. It’s Time To Paint It Black.

It’s time to get your business out of the red and into the black. Learn more about how to do this with our new “Paint It Black” series. This series aims to help you adequately prepare your membership site to make the most out of this year’s Black Friday sale.

Black Friday Sales Series

Custom Checkout Template Compatibility with Terms of Service: Updates in v2.1.1

PMPro v2.1+ altered a few things about how the checkout page runs. One update was to allow the “Terms of Service” checkbox to stay checked when there are other checkout page errors (e.g. a required SCA authorization). If you are using a plugin or theme with a custom PMPro checkout template, you may need to update that plugin or theme. Continue reading to learn how to update your custom checkout template to support this new structure.

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Build Your Nest Egg

We all agree that its awesome to #GetPaid, but building a sustainable core business or side hustle that serves as your #NestEgg is a deeper, more valuable concept. In this article, we explore what it means to “Build A Nest Egg” and why having any nest egg at all matters.

PMPro Mascot - Nugget and her nest egg

How to improve your sales funnel and grow membership by giving something away for free.

Your prospects and leads are a group of potential customers that have an interest in your business and products, often referred to as your “list.”

In this article, we tackle the problem of building and growing your list. We’ll show you how to leverage a Free Membership product as the first phase of your business’ sales funnel and (ultimately) help you convert list members from prospects to lifetime customers.

Free Giveaway Graphic

Send Signup Emails To Zapier Added PMPro Members

Send a WordPress “New User” email and a Paid Memberships Pro “Admin Change” email to members that were registered through Zapier….

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Create a Terms and Conditions Page For Your Membership Site

Are you looking to add a terms and conditions page to your membership site? Want your members to first read through it and accept the terms before proceeding to checkout? Here is how you can add a terms and conditions page to your membership site using Paid Memberships Pro.

Terms and Conditions Paid Memberships Pro

Integrate ThriveCart And Paid Memberships Pro

In this guide, you will learn how to connect the popular cart platform, ThriveCart to Paid Memberships Pro through the PMPro Zapier Integration Add On.

ThriveCart and Paid Memberships Pro

Offer a Membership Level for a Limited Time

This recipe allows you to set a specific window of time for membership registration. Anyone who tries to checkout for the level after your specified cutoff date will be shown a message that registration has ended. The level will also be removed from display on your “Membership Levels” page after the cutoff date.