Paid Memberships Pro displays in U.S. English (en_US) by default, but our plugin has the capability to be used in any language.

Translations Included in Paid Memberships Pro

  • Czech: cs_CZ
  • Danish: da_DK
  • German: de_DE
  • English (UK): en_GB
  • English: en_US
  • Spanish (Chile): es_CL
  • Spanish (Spain): es_ES
  • Spanish (Peru): es_PE
  • French (France): fr_FR
  • Italian: it_IT
  • Norwegian (Bokmål): nb_NO
  • Dutch (Nederlands): nl_NL
  • Portuguese (Brazil): pt_BR
  • Slovak: sk_SK
  • Turkish: tr_TR

How to Change Your WordPress (and Paid Memberships Pro) Language

The WordPress Codex has an excellent guide on how to set your WordPress language. See that guide here: This will update both your WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro to use the specified language.

Not all of our translations have included the member email body text (only the German Translation is currently provided), but you can use the Email Templates Admin Editor Add On to do these translations.

How to Contribute a New Translation

If your translation is not listed here, you can read this tutorial on how to prepare new localization files:

We just ask that whatever work you do to localize Paid Memberships Pro is contributed back to the Plugin community under the GPLv2 license. You can submit your new translation files via a pull request on our GitHub Repository ( or send an email via our Contact Form and we will coordinate with you to obtain the translation files.

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Common guys! Russian is 8th popular language in the world. Let’s do it! And Polish. It is much popular that Norwegian defenitely :))

I have translated it in Macedonian and sent the translation by email few months ago, but haven’t seen the translation being added yet.

I have been trying to translate the “Pay By Check” add on text to French. I have tried to create the .mo file using poedit. I have uploaded the .mo file to wp-content/languages. It still doesn’t translate the content. Am I doing something wrong?

I have just completed translated from English to Chinese/Cantonese (Hong Kong SAR China) and got it working in my site. Both Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese Shouldn’t have problem reading it.

by Kai

Thanks! This is great. How can I get this as a .po file to include in the next update? Or after that next update, PMPro should support the GlotPress system, and you can import your translations into there if you are familiar.

Hi I have a question about some language changes in italian version. I’d like to change some words in generated translation and I’ve already tried editing the two (identical?) po/mo files under wp-content/languages/plugins and under pmpro/languages, but even if the change was successful, it “doesn’t last” and goes back to the previous/original translation. How am I supposed to permanently edit language translation?

I have two types of edits: some italian corrections (I can send that to you for the next release) + personal changes of some italian terms (only for my website). In both cases I would like not to wait the next release, if possible…

Thank you for the reply, Jason.
I’ve just tried to upload my files creating the directory ‘pmpro’ under wp-content/languages, but it doesn’t seem to work… Should I name files in some specific way? I tried with ‘pmpro-it_IT’ and ‘paid-memberships-pro-it_IT’…

That second one ( should work in the latest version of PMPro. Try naming the folder ‘paid-memberships-pro’ (we changed the text domain of the plugin recently to get it working with GlotPress). I’ll test a few things soon and see if I can get it working on my dev.

unfortunately it didn’t worked for me… the displayed strings are still the same as default ones. I kept both name of files (pmpro and paid-memberships-pro) under the folder now named paid-memberships-pro..

This process just worked for me. If you are still having trouble, please open a thread in our member support forum and we can follow up to gain access to your site to help. I may also try to make our code that loads the language files a bit more forgiving in terms of how things are named.

Anyway, here’s what worked for me:

1. I copied paid-memberships-pro-it_IT.po to /wp-content/languages/pmpro/
2. I edited it to change some of the translations.
3. I ran this command in the linux command line to get the .mo from that:

msgfmt paid-memberships-pro-it_IT.po –output-file

4. When I load my site, I see my translations instead of the default it_IT ones.

First of all, thank you for your detailed and kind reply. I appreciate it and I understand that personal assistance relies on pro membership in forum.

But just to be clear: I’m able to see my customized translation, the problem is that it’s not “lasting”.
I’ve tried again just now: if I follow your procedure AND I delete pmpro default language files under wp-content/languages/plugin THEN I can see my translations. But I think it won’t last because pmpro will regenerate that files I’ve deleted, and they have somehow precedence over my files under wp-content/languages/pmpro.

Ok ! So this time it should be.. for good 😀
I’m checking it during next days, thank you again, Jason!
I’m going to split my “own edited strings” and the “general purpose” ones and send a copy of the italian translation to you.

I think this language issue is related to the new priorities in wordpress textdomain. Quoting:

“In some cases the plugin/theme might already have a new translation in your languages stored on, if this is the case then it might overwrite your .mo file but in most cases this will be desired.” (from


It seems to me that WP loads your new translations from repository and ignores the order of load_textdomain you put in localization.php file.

now I’m trying this patch:

I love the mechanics of paid membership, congratulations for the work! But could you have a question?

I see that the paid membership pro supports the Portuguese language Brazil. But I’m having probelmas in the application with this, there is a page where I include the shortcode of pmpro “[pmpro_signup submit_button =" Unlock this Post Now! "Level =" 1 "login =" 1 "redirect =" referrer "]” and it loads In English, both the button and the login / registration part.
Could you help me with that?

Hello, i need to translate some parts of your plugin but its not available in loco translate

Please, if you can help me and translate that part

for example

membership never expires

and another words like that, this are in the user account

Please help 🙂

Hello, we are trying to get some of the text translated on the webpage however it seems that after uploading the translation files to the folder” /htdocs/wp-content/plugins/paid-memberships-pro” nothing happens.
We need translation to Estonian, but actually it doesn’t change to any language. When we change site language to for example Spanish the plugin text are still in English

Has anyone experienced similar issues or would know what could be the problem?

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