If you’re using any of the recipes to require discount codes or have a large percentage of your members using codes during registration, here’s a quick CSS snippet to always show this field at the top of your Membership Checkout page.

Always Show the Discount Code Field Code Recipe Banner Image

The CSS Code Recipe

#other_discount_code_p {display: none;}
#other_discount_code_tr {display: table-row !important;}

Adding the Custom CSS to Your Website

This custom CSS can be placed in a stylesheet for PMPro Customizations or pasted directly into the Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS field. You can also include this CSS in your child theme’s style.css file. Do not place custom CSS in any file in a theme that gets regularly updated or you will lose your code.

The Result (Screenshot)

Screenshot of the result of coding to always show discount code field with Paid Membership Pro

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