Sitewide Sales: An Add On to help you run a successful holiday sale on memberships and subscriptions.

The Sitewide Sale Add On simplifies the creation, management and reporting for sites looking to run a sitewide or flash sale on memberships and subscriptions.
PMPro Sitewide Sales Add On

Display the original and discounted price when a discount code is applied at checkout.

This code recipe lets your customers know just how much they’re saving after applying a discount code at checkout….

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Always Show the Discount Code Field

If you’re using any of the recipes to require discount codes or have a large percentage of your members using codes during registration, here’s a quick CSS snippet to always show this field at the top of your Membership Checkout page.

Discount Code Customizations Mega Post

Discount codes are a feature included in the core Paid Memberships Pro plugin. This post covers some advanced and some not so advanced adjustments and customizations that are commonly used for our discount code features. For general support on discount codes, see our Discount Codes documentation page