If you’re using our Member Directory and Profile Pages Add On, the code recipe below allows you to set up the member profile to only show designated “premium fields” for “premium members”.

How it Works

The [pmpro_member_profile] shortcode has attributes to display a variety of user meta fields, either those fields built in to WordPress or added via the Register Helper Add On. Use the code recipe below to specify fields that should only display if the user has a designated membership level (by level ID).

The Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a PMPro Plus Account or higher.

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Thanks. I’m sure I will use this in the future. It would be great to have a “like” or “save” feature here so we can save or create lists of snippets we know we will need in the future. Would be more efficient than the using the search box.

Hi Kimberly,

I have tried the code but it doesn’t work. Right now, I have 4 info showing at User Directory page for all users. (1) User_name (2) Email Address (3) Level (4) Start Date. I want to remove the email address because I don’t want some users to disturb others by sending them emails.

I also want to add, “Under Membership Account – My Account” phone number and address. Now only user name and email address are showing.



Hi Imran,

When you say remove the fields do you mean from the checkout page? If so, you should be able to remove these fields by removing the custom code that you added to your site.

I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean here. Do you mean that you have a specific member you do not want to show in your directory? If you post to the member support area and link to this comment we can troubleshoot and provide a proper solution.

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