Send the User’s IP Address to for Fraud Detection

If you are using for your membership site’s payment gateway, this tooltip will show you how to send the customer’s IP address as part of the payment request for fraud detection. The recipe uses the pmpro_authorizenet_post_values filter to send IP information with the payment for validation in’s Advanced Fraud Detection suite.

Banner image for Send the User’s IP Address to for Fraud Detection

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How to Respond to a Chargeback or Dispute

How to respond to a chargeback or disputeThis post covers some methods to deal with chargebacks – when a member disputes their charge for membership.

In some cases, a chargeback is actually fraud, whether it is a stolen credit card or PayPal account login. What I’d like to talk about now is a misuse of chargebacks: when a member is grumpy or lying about payment fraud just to get their money back.