Allowing Gateway Webhooks or IPN Data into a Protected Site (for testing or development)

Many development and staging sites want to restrict total access to the site’s folder on the webserver. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting a UNIX password at the server level.

This advanced developer recipe shows you how to set up custom .htaccess rules to allow your Webhook or IPN data through this security measure. This will allow you to properly configure and test payment gateways in Paid Memberships Pro.

PMPro Update 1.9.4

PMPro Update v1.9.4Version 1.9.4 of Paid Memberships Pro is being pushed out shortly. This update includes fixes that could impact sales, and we recommend everyone upgrade as soon as possible. There are two updates in particular to look out for related to our Stripe integration as well as new frontend layouts for improved display across devices.

Setting up a Developer Account to Test Your Payment Gateway

Setting up a developer account to test your gatewayUsing Paid Memberships Pro in your selected payment gateway’s “testing/sandbox” mode allows you to test membership checkout without processing real payments. Sandbox mode requires unique credentials that vary based on the active payment gateway.

This post covers how to set up your test or sandbox account so that you can run tests on a membership checkout.

Troubleshooting Uncaught Exception: ‘Stripe needs the Multibyte String PHP extension’

If you’re integrating with Stripe and running into an error with the words “Uncaught Exception”, see below for how to resolve. Ask your host to enable ‘multibyte string PHP extension’ This particular error is between Stripe and your hosting configuration. You should follow up with your host to have the “multibyte string PHP extension” installed. (more…)