Watch Kim and Travis dive into the PMPro journey over the last 8 years. We will share a few lessons learned that you can immediately put into action for your own membership site, no matter what stage you are in.

About the Stream

This video covers some the best advice we have for new and established membership sites, including:

  • Staying agile so that you can respond to members and their feedback. How are they consuming to your membership? What features are they ignoring or not finding useful?
  • ​Focus on the features that you excel at as a founder. Avoid wasting your time if a feature is not widely used by members AND is an administrative nightmare for you. Be ready to let that component fade into the sunset.
  • ​Price your membership in a way that reflects the value delivered over time.
  • Have a “free” option or offering as possible. This helps people sample your content, helps you build your mailing list, and can help you reduce refund rates and chargebacks.

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